Action Comics #2 & Detective Comics #2

***Review contains Spoilers***

Action Comics #2

This issue begins with Superman in captivity, more specifically in an electric chair.  He ended up this way after Luthor punched him the face with a speeding train.  I have to give Luthor a point for that.  So we have Luthor “testing” Super, at one point he asks for a powerful acid.  Dr Irons (Steel from the old DCU) voices his strong objections and eventually storms out.

I know that many characters have changed in the “new 52”, but Lex Luthor is still Lex Luthor.  He may not have a reason to hate Superman(that we know of), but he is not showing any compassion, treating him like a thing instead of a person. For example he pumps Superman full of 300,000 volts at 10 amps.  For those of you that don’t know it only takes 0.1 amp to kill an adult human. It hurts our young Kryptonian, but doesn’t kill him.  Wouldn’t that be a ballsy move?  Killing of one of your biggest characters in issue #2?

Lex and the men assigned to him make two very big, and unfortunately for them very common mistakes.  #1 Lex talks, A LOT. Giving Superman time to recover his strength, fry the computer systems, and break free.  Which leads us to #2. Guards shooting Superman. Superman is bullet proof! He demonstrated this in issue#1, publicly.  When they were testing him they could not pierce his skin, with anything! It always makes me laugh to see people try to shoot Superman.  Maybe these guys didn’t get the e-mail maybe they had to test it for themselves.

Superman finds that they also have the ship he came to Earth in, it speaks to him in Kryptonian and he promises to return for it.  Meanwhile, above ground Lois is trying to convince her father to let Superman go.  The general of course denies holding him and passes her off to his aid, who clearly have feeling for her. He pushes for the fielding of some power suit, his last words of the frame “she’ll see”.  Now this guys does know Lois, they are friendly and such.  He knows that she is a Superman fan, he says this as he holds the file she gave her father to prove he is a hero. Yet somehow in his twisted mind he thinks that taking down Superman will somehow bring her running into his arms. (Note to anyone trying to make me love them, killing off the Washington Capitols will not do it for you).

In the end we find out that Lex has been in contact with some alien spaceship.

Detective Comics #2

For the first few pages we get to see Bruce Wayne, being Bruce Wayne.  First of all he has a rock climbing wall in Wayne Tower, then a hot reporter surprises him in his office. He tells his secretary to hold his calls.  Several hours later he makes a date with her for a weekend alone.  Not a bad life, not bad at all.

Anyway than it’s time for him to get to work.  He meets Gordon at Arkham to discuss the Joker escaping and leaving his face behind. Basically now we have a crazed psycho on the loose and we have no idea what he looks like.

Batman decides to check into a missing girl, last seen with a thug who helped a serial killer Gordon ran across in his early days. Gordon gets a call from a squad car reporting he had eyes on the girl.  Batman takes off to save the day, night. He finds the squad car empty and runs inside the nearby building where he finds the thug and the officer whom the car belonged.  It turns our the cop has been dead for a while.  Gordon arrives on scene and is told by dispatch officer had the day off.

Batman gets blindsided by two patchwork ninjas, wearing suits of human flesh, and a creepy chick in a nurses uniform with a sledge-hammer. The boss of this little family reveals himself as the Dollmaker and tosses a patchwork Jim Gordon at Batman’s feet.

Another good Batman story. Tony Salvador Daniel does a great job not only in writing the story, but on the artwork.  The story flows well, the artwork is classic Batman.

– Drew


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