Not exactly a review…

I came across a web comic (irregularwebcomic) that I used to read and found one of my favorite strips.  The creator of this particular web comic uses Legos (dude, can’t draw I guess).  He often uses various themes, such as Harry Potter, Space, Pirates and of course Star Wars.  He is also really intelligent often using physics in his jokes (usually, he is kind enough to explain them).  I, of course love his Star Wars stuff.

In this strip a Stormtrooper is informing Lord Vader that they have located the Rebel Base.  Great for him, he’ll probably get a promotion out of it.  Where did they find it? Inside of the freaking the Death Star.

Now you may be thinking “Wait, what?”, but it is not impossible.  According to all sources I could find the diameter of the first Death Star was 120 kilometers.  Let’s assume the hull was 2 km thick, and the power core took up the inner 60 km core of the station, that still leaves us with over 6.3 million cubic kilometers. To put this in perspective, the country of Austrailia  has an area of about 7.6 million square km. Imagine stacking several Austrailias on top of each other, then try to monitor every bit of it. I’m not going to even get started on the costs of building and maintaining it (although if you want to know).  It is entirely possible to hide a insurgent force inside of the Death Star.

Oh, and just in case you doubt the size of the Death Star, these guys (who have WAY too much time on their hands!!) worked it out for you.


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