Batgirl #2 Review

***Contains Spoilers***

This issue starts with Batgirl chasing after the mysterious, Mirror after he killed a man. She quickly comes to the conclusion that she may have jumped back into the super hero biz too quickly. He is a larger, stronger opponent and she is rusty. Meanwhile back at the hospital Detective McKenna(who was present when Batgirl froze when a gun was pointed at her) informs Comissioner Gordon that Batgirl is back.

Batgirl tracks Mirror to a cemetery and after a hard fight(which she comes very close to losing) he flees at the sound of approaching sirens. She barely makes it home, where she is forced to dodge some questions from a very curious roommate. We also learn she is dating(sort of) her physical therapist, who encourages her to believe in miracles. Using some clues she got from bantering with Mirror she is able to do some research and discover his identity. He was in a car crash and he was pulled to safety as his wife and daughter burned to death. He is on a mission to kill those that miraculously escaped death. She breaks into his home and he calls her to tell her he is going to blow up a commuter train. The issue ends with the ominous words “You will learn”.

I never read a lot of Batgirl comics before. Most of what I read of the previous Batgirls I read in issues of Batman or collections. Very little of that was Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. With that disclaimer out of the way let me get to my impressions of this issue and the series so far.

We know that Barbara was shot by Joker three years prior to this series. We do not know how long she was Batgirl before that time. No mention of other Batgirls(Cassandra or Stephanie) is given. One thing that stuck out to me was when Detective McKenna told Commisioner Gordon that Batgirl was back. Her statement alone leads one to believe that Batgirl has been absent from Gotham for some time, the shocked expression on Gordon’s face confirms this(in my opinion). Was there no other Batgirl in the new 52? Also, nothing is said about Barbara being Oracle. In fact, while researching Mirror’s identity she uses a library computer. If she was in fact Oracle wouldn’t she still have access to Oracle’s systems?

Of all of the “Bat Family” books this is the only one that seems to be a reboot. Not a complete reboot, but there are more unanswered questions in this series than Batman, Nightwing or the others. There are more references to her “miracle”, but for now it seems as though she woke up one and day and could walk.

Next issue promises Nightwing, I am hoping that his appearance will at the very least offer us more clues. I am still trying to work out a timeline, so far the Bat books have been the most helpful in that regard.


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