Reviews For This Week

Going to be a busy week for me. I am planning on doing reviews on;
Batman #2**
Birds Of Prey #2
Green Lantern Corps #2
Justice League #2**
Nightwing #2**
Red Hood and the Outlaws #2
Supergirl #2
**–Really looking forward to these.

Sanctuary Season 4 Episode #3

Comic reviews should be up by Thurs morning, I am aiming to have Sanctuary up by Sat afternoon(est). That is of course barring any difficulties arising from my current living conditions.

I am also working on a timeline for the “New 52”. I am planning on putting that up after all the #2s are out. It’ll be a list of events that I can verify have happened, suspect have happened, and that need to have happened to support the previous two categories. I am going to make it an ongoing thing(giving it a permanent spot under the “About murthareviews” page) that I will update a couple times a month as new issues come out.

Also working on a couple more editorial posts involving some of my favorite superheroes.


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