Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 2 Review

First of all I would like to apologize for this not being posted until Monday. To be fair I am living in a tent in Afghanistan. That being said, onto the review.

***Review Contains Spoilers***

Last week’s episode dealt with Magnus’ journey to 19th century England to try to stop Adam from altering the past. This week’s episode dealt with the sudden emergence of abnormals around the world, which we saw in the season 3 finale. Much like last weeks episode did not feature the regular cast aside from Amanda Tapping, this weeks episode featured everyone but her(at least most of the episode). Will is basically shut out by the United Nations, as they don’t see how he will be able to help. Will enlists the aid of his girl-friend, Abby (who seems to have all the right, highly connected, ex boyfriends), while Henry goes to the camp to negotiate. In an armed altercation Thallo (the leader of the rebelling abnormals in the camp) is killed in an explosion. Garros, whom befriended Kate earlier, eventually emerges as their new spokesperson. The military launches a strike against one of the emerging groups of abnormals, killing thousands. Tensions run high as Henry, Kate and Biggie try to defuse the situation inside the camp, while Will and Abby attempt to keep the U.N. from committing xenocide. Eventually Magnus returns, she helps Will discover a crucial piece of information that calls off the U.N.(the abnormals wanted them to attack, which would have set off a devastating chain reaction). Garros is able to calm his people after it is learned that Fallan(the abnormal Will was framed for killing) is revealed to be alive and behind the devastating plot. In the end, most of the abnormals return to beneath the surface to rebuild their destroyed homes. Kate is assigned to accompany them as an offical liaison. Will and Abby also discover a very dangerous secret.

I really enjoyed this episode. I think Amanda Tapping did a wonderful job directing it. The writing was fast paced enough to keep you on edge waiting for more, but so fast as to confuse you. This episode does raise several questions, both large and small. Will discovered U.N. files detailing experiments on abnormals. I am sure that once Magnus is made aware of this that she will attempt to seek out any such activities and put an end to them. This is a likely over all plot line for the season. It is of course similar to the Cabal, an evil organization from earlier in the series, but more dangerous since it is sponsored by the U.N. Also with Kate being assigned to Hollow-Earth, how much of her will we see this season? I am sure we will see more of Tesla, and the creators also promise a musical episode. According to interviews it will be organic to the story and not just “the cast of Sanctuary in an episode of Glee”.

There were a few tactical errors that frustrated me. The abnormals in the camp never stood a chance, any intelligent coordinated assault and they would have been done. The abnormals in the camp were just a diversion, but they did not know that. They had fewer than ten hostages and no real organization to speak of. Of course the U.N. security forces were equally as stupid, so I guess it all balanced out. In one scene the security forces just push the gate open and run in, of course this results in several deaths on both sides and the abnormals got guns. A few flash-bangs, maybe some tear gas for cover and a small air assault force could have extracted the hostages easily.

All in all it was a good episode and I am very eager to see how the rest of the season plays out.

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