Review of Birds of Prey #2

***Contains Spoilers***

I never read a lot of Birds of Prey pre-relaunch, but from what I understand the character of Ev(Starling) is a new addition to the DCU. I, for one, like her. I mean what’s not to like? Dinah (via internal dialogue) refers to her as a master strategist, and she does not disappoint. Pretending to be a hysterical woman, she manages to buy Dinah time to collect evidence from the scene of the exploding reporter from last issue. She ends up stealing a go-cart from airport security which she quickly crashes through a window for an escape. (Now to be perfectly honest that probably wouldn’t work). The two woman proceed to use their acting skills and various contacts to investigate the exploding man. We also meet the third member of the group, Katana. While investigating an experimental drug that may have caused the explosion, the trio is attacked by the same group that they fought last issue and manage to capture one. It is then that we meet the fourth member of the team, Poison Ivy.

To me a good team up or team is all about the chemistry. Dinah is obviously the leader of the group, skilled in investigation and hand to hand fighting. Ev is the young, impulsive one, who also happens to have contacts in every field all over the city. Katana is a skilled fighter, and a little crazy(she believes her dead husband’s soul inhabits her sword and she talks to him out loud). Poison Ivy is an odd addition to the team. When I say odd I mean that she is not the sort of person most people would expect to find on this team. Dinah and Ev maybe wanted by authorities, but Ivy has a long-standing reputation as being a villain. Dinah and Ev seem to be good friends who like and respect each other. Katana would seem to be the odd one out, at least for now. Still not sure how Ivy will fit into the team. She will definitely have to prove herself, especially to Ev and Katana, who had no idea she was even invited. I, personally, am excited to see the clash of personalities.


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