Review of Superman #2

***Contains Spoilers***

In this issue Superman is given access to government surveillance records and finds no record of the “fire being” from last issue entering Earth’s atmosphere. Meaning it either came here long ago or was created here. Also Superman was the only one that heard it mention Krypton. While flying through the city Superman is attacked by an invisible foe. It turns out that the creature is only invisible to Superman(which is impressive given his enhanced vision). Lois deduces from live footage that Superman can’t see his attacker, but the cameras can. She broadcasts the fight to a jumbo-tron screen on the street. Once Superman can see what he is doing he quickly turns the tide. The creature says something in the same language used by the “fire being” and then fades away. Again Superman hears the word “Krypton”. The issue ends with a homeless man with glowing eyes speaking the same alien language.

This book is doing an excellent job at showing how isolated Superman feels in his day-to-day life. There is literally no one like him on Earth(until Supergirl arrives). Plus, in order to keep up his cover identity he must continue to play mild-mannered Clark Kent. Hiding his true self from the woman he is in love with. In most ways he is the strongest person on Earth, but in this issue we see Superman feeling powerless.

Perez does a great job of showing the human side of Superman. I wasn’t greatly looking forward to this issue, but I am very happy with it.


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