Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 4 Review

***Contains Spoilers***

This weeks episode once features a Magnus plot and a Will and Henry plot. While each story takes place on different continents (Magnus in Africa and Will and Henry back at home in the Sanctuary) they both show the changes the Sanctuary has been forced to make. In the last episode they separated from the United Nations and lost all government support and funding.

Magnus is off to a small island 400km off the coast of Mozambique to meet with the mysterious Feliz. While waiting, an armed team take over the small airport. At first they claim to be there to steal everyone’s bank account information. At this point I found myself thinking how stupid of a plan that was. It is later revealed that they are there for Feliz, and also that they are abnormals that used to work for the government. Magnus is able to escape captivity and channel her inner John McClaine. She is able to keep Feliz’s plane from landing and even tricks her armed captors into killing themselves. It is revealed that Feliz was among the hostages the entire time, he says he likes to meet people informally first. I sort of figured that he was one of the other hostages from the beginning. After everyone is safe Feliz says that he will fully fund the Sanctuary for the forseeable future. Magnus is kissed by the lemur researcher whom she saved (a woman), who convinces her to spend an extra day or two on the island.

Will and Henry go hunting a rogue Steno in the sewers. While on the hunt they run into Abby (Will’s girlfriend) and learn the nature of her recent promotion. She is part of the FBI’s new initiative to investigate abnormals. Since the Sanctuary and the governments separating, every intelligence agency has started trying to fill the gap. This causes a lot of friction between Will and Abby, but they seem to move past it by the end of the episode.

This was another good episode, well written and well acted. I particularly enjoyed Carlo Rota’s(24 and Boondock Saints fame) performance. No Biggie in this episode and it seems Kate is still in Hollow Earth. Both plots in this episode help form the picture of what the Sanctuary is becoming. They have support now, but who knows what Feliz may ask for in return? Very little is revealed about him except that he has vast resources and specializes in all things underground and covert. THey also now have competition. I imagine that every government in the world now will be trying to form their own internal abnormal research teams. THis is dangerous, because as was shown in this episode they have none of the knowledge base. Abby’s new partner leaves Reese’s Pieces in the sewer to lure the Steno. “Like E.T.” What he did not know is that peanuts are like crack to Stenos. THey thing went crazy wild and nearly killed Henry.

I rather like the Sanctuary as more of a rogue outfit. I think it fits them better than some state sponsored team.


4 Responses to “Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 4 Review”

  1. Sanctuary has given in to the Gay/Lesbian/sexually envasive garbage that is showing up more and more in the media in any genre. For this reason, and because episode 4 was blatant in pushing the lesbian lifestyle, I have stopped watching Sanctuary. After 3 pretty good seasons, season 4 shows Magnus dressing more sexy, and Henry getting his girlfriend pregant, and Will getting it on the couch with his friend. Sanctuary has lost another fan.

    • I am not sure what you mean by “envasive garbage”. In the entire show there was the one kiss between Magnus and the other woman. How was the episode “pushing the lesbian lifestyle”? Personally I have no problems with gay or lesbian couples. It sounds to me like you hate all things sexual. Are you angry because Henry got his girlfriend pregnant and they were not married? What is the big deal if two consenting adults have sex on a couch?

      I do not see the show as being overly sexual.

      • All I can say to you is that I have my opinion, and you have yours. If you can’t handle that, then that is your problem.
        And I don’t “hate” all things sexual, I am married to a woman, and enjoy sex with her. So as I said before, Sanctuary “used” to be a decent show, but not any more.
        Thank you for you reply.

      • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion

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