Review of Action Comics #3

My favorite issue so far in this series.

***Contains Spoilers***

This issue opens with a flashback to when Kal-El was a baby and his mom brought him to a cocktail party in Kandor. Jor-El calls his wife to warn her to get out of the city as soon as she can. The party is interrupted by a techno-entity calling itself Terminauts. They seem to seek out dying worlds and copy all of the planets knowledge to preserve it. Not sure why they are so destructive in the process, they tear Kandor apart. I am guessing they hold knowledge above all else, including life.

Clark has his apartment searched by the police, which seems to happen often. It seems really sketchy to me. They bust in, do not show a warrant, do not seem to have any real reason to be there, other than tossing his stuff and telling him to stop looking into corruption stories. Do they really not see the problem there? “Stop saying we are corrupt or we will come back here and trash your stuff.” is the basic message. Of course, Clark just stands there defiantly, imagine that how they treat him actually strengthens his resolve.

Oh, and his land lady figured out he is Superman and hid his cape so the cops wouldn’t find it. I think she took it rather well.

Clark checks out a tip from a mystery informant, and goes to a factory that is making automated subway train drivers. We also get to see the average citizen that doe snot want Superman’s “help”. Mr Glenmorgan (Superman roughed him up in issue #1) has everyone convinced that he was unjustly assaulted by Superman, the alien freak. We see Superman destroy a truck to save a kitten.

This is one of the main reasons I like this issue. It addresses a very common theme in superhero stories(Smallville, Heroes, and Marvel comics have all addressed the issue), are they heroes or vigilantes? Don’t get me wrong I understand that Superman is a good-hearted person. He only wants to help people. The problem is that he is not answerable to anyone. Police officers, fire fighters, and the military all have regulations and systems in place to regulate what they can and can not do. Super heroes can fly or race in do what they want and fly off. In this issue a little girl is standing in the road trying to get her cat out of a tree. She doesn’t see the big truck heading her way. Superman grabs the cat and with one hand slams the truck to a halt. Lord knows what injuries the driver sustained. Supes just flashes the little girl a smile and says “Careful”. Uncle Ben was right “With great power comes great responsibility”. but what about accountability?

Anyway, the little girl screams and people throw bricks at him. He goes to ask the factory foreman some questions about layoffs. Turns out Lois is on the same trail. They are both about to get kicked out when there is a loud noise and the robot drivers start giving them the Terminauts speech we say earlier in Kandor.

We close out the issue with SSG Corben(they guy with a crush on Lois) getting fitted into the suit of armor from last issue. as it is activated his consciousness is taken over by Teerminauts. Luthor quickly pipes in that he had a deal with the Terminauts, Luthor’s end is delivering Superman.

Issues like this are why I was looking forward to the relaunch. We get to see a young Clark Kent, a young Superman, trying to find his place in the world. He is not perfect, in fact it often seems like he doesn’t really know what he is doing. I like seeing that side of the character. It is easier to relate to a hero when he doesn’t have his act together.


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