Review of Detective Comics #3

***Contains Spoilers***
Not disappointed, but not overly impressed either.

In the first frame, Batman figures out that the body in front of him is not Jim Gordon. The body is cold and rigid (and the moustache is fake), and there would not have been enough time for the Dollmaker to capture Gordon, kill him and then sew him up like that. That however does nothing to stop the drug Batman was injected with that is slowly paralyzing his body. It is a good thing that half paralyzed Batman can still beat most people in a fight. He is able to not only get away, but bring one of the Dollmaker’s goon along with him. Batman’s luck has a limit as he happened to kidnap the one henchmen that had his tongue cut out.

Batman is able to figure out the identity of the Dollmaker, Barton Mathis. He is the son of a criminal that Gordon shot years ago. Speaking of Gordon he is visited in his cage at the Dollmaker’s lair by Olivia (the little girl they went to save last issue). It turns out the Dollmaker wants her to join his little ‘family’. He tells her to use the Bat signal and give a message to Batman.

Batman gets the message and assumes it is a trap(They don;t call it Detective Comics for nothing). It turns out Olivia is part of the Dollmaker clan, she kills a police officer, and was just playing her part. Even though he knew it was a trap, Batman is still taken by surprise and captured. He awakens in a cage and apparently has to fight several joker look alikes.

Once again Tony Salvatore Daniel does an excellent job on the artwork for this issue. The story was good, it wasn’t great. It just didn’t grab me and make me want more.


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