Review of Red Lanterns #3

***Contains Spoilers***

In last months issue Atrocitus came to the realization that he needed assistance in attempting to guide the Red Lanterns on their campaign of vengeance. In this issue we find that he selected Bleez to fill that role. He returns her intellect, her memories and her pain. Less blinded by the rage she now remembers what was done to her and her family.

Atrocitus takes her to her home world where they execute the men responsible for leading the Sinestro Crops to her world. Atrocitus begins to see that he may end up regretting his choice.

Atrocitus is faced with a difficult task, attempting to keep some measure of control over a group that is fueled by pure rage. Most members of the Red Lanterns are little more than mindless beasts. Bleez seems to be able to have some sort of sway over the masses, but that also makes her a liability as much it makes her an asset. We don’t really know how loyal, if at all she is to Atrocitus.

She does seem to have a more calculating mind. After decapitating one man she tells the other she wants him to live with the fear that one day she will return for him. Atrocitus angrily kills the man saying “That’s not good enough.” He seems to have a blood lust to match his rage, while Bleez is just as content to have her victim suffer psychologically.

I’m not sure if Bleez’s role in New Guardians will have her absent from the series in the future ( I imagine so, event in Red Lanterns may very while lead into the events of New Guardians). It is going to be interesting to see Atrocitus not only keep the Red Lanterns under control, but now Bleez as well.

I really like the direction this book is going. We got to see so little of Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns in previous stories. And when we did see them they were only shown as mindless rage filled beasts. Most of them are still mindless rage filled beasts, however we are getting a better understanding of Atrocitus and now Bleez.


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