Free to play? Good enough for me!

Not even a year after it first launched. DC Comis MMO DC Universe Online (DCUO) have become free to play. You know what they say..the best things in life are free…

Well not everything that is free the best…

So I about 10 months late, but I when I first saw this game, I told myself I would not be paying for that. I have seen many MMOs try to rise..and most fall sadly. Now that being sad, DCUO is not a terrible game. I have only played a little bit, but I enjoy it. They best way I have found to say it, “I am glad I am not paying for it” I mean, we already had City of Heroes and Villains…does the world need another super hero MMO? The answer should be yes, but not like this. A friend of mine has been playing with me and we both have come to think the game feels unfinished. You know the feeling you get when you beta test a game? You can see how it will be good, it just needs to be finished.

Apart from feeling unfinished, the game really isn’t that bad. The best part is making your hero or villain  and pick what kind of abilities they will have. I could do that all day. I would have kept playing it and maybe hit the max level..but Skyrim came out. If you are looking for something to pass the time or are low on funds and want to play something new. Try it out, maybe you will like it. I mean, I got to fight along side Catwoman and beat up Huntress. Or maybe I will do that quest where I fight Bane with Nightwing.

I wished they had taken more time with this. It really could have been a lot better. It makes me think about Marvel’s MMO and if they will make the same mistakes or will they learn and have a groundbreaking game. I guess time will tell. Hopefully DC keeps the servers up, the game is fun to mess around in. Best free game I have ever played.


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