Review of Birds of Prey #3

“Look, you can disagree with her methods, but nobody on this team has a squeaky-clean soul”

***Contains Spoilers***

As pretty much anyone could tell from the end of last issue Starling and Katana are not keen on working with Poison Ivy. Black Canary tries to explain why she asked Ivy to join them, but the others decide a fight is called for. Ivy manages to disarm Katana and think she has Starling, until she sees a detonator in Starling’s hand and the hunk of C4 at her feet. Deciding to give Ivy a chance, the group allows her to interrogate their prisoner. She uses here plant-spore, fall in love with me thing and gets him to tell them the location of the groups safe house. He then mutters a nursery rhyme and his head explodes (more original than a cyanide pill). Ivy shields the team from the explosion, again proving her worth. At the safe house they find the names of two more potential victims.
They learn that both men will be on the same train and the team splits up to find them. Ivy is supposed to stop the train, Katana sweeps for bad guys and Canary and Starling find the victims and knock them unconscious (if they are unconscious they can’t hear the trigger and explode). Everything goes according to plan, until Ivy is ambushed and Canary receives a message inside her own head. The voice claims that she is another walking bomb, and they will blow her and the train unless she calls off the rest of the team. She of course complies, but is now at the mercy of their foes.

This issue was another fun read. The story moves well, and the characters are very enjoyable. I like Starling’s style; dropping C4 when fighting a meta human is a pretty ballsy move, but it worked. The team seems to be clicking well; they all seem to complement each other. It’s really too bad that their leader’s head will explode with the proper verbal trigger. They could be bluffing, but she can’t really risk that at this point.

Poison Ivy does seem to be an odd addition to the team, but as Canary points out none of them have “squeaky-clean souls”. I understand Canary’s motives. Ivy does bring a unique skill set to the team. I do wonder about Ivy’s reasons for joining the team. What is in it for her?


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