Review of Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 7

Martin Wood has directed many Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis and Sanctuary episodes. This episode he not only directed, but he wrote as well. He did a great job. This season has had many great episodes and this one certainly keeps up that trend.

***Contains Spoilers***

In this episode the Old City Sanctuary teams up with the London Sanctuary to investigate a group of Russian smugglers rumored to be smuggling abnormals. There is one slight problem, the ship drifted of course and is now trapped in an ice field in the Beiring Straits (about 700 miles south of the North Pole). The episode starts with Henry with the London Sancturay team, Magnus and Will are enroute. The London team includes Deckland, Alastor(one of the lycans Will and Henry met back in season 3 episode 6), Terry (a xenobiologist), and Murray (former SAS operative). They arrive just as a huge storm rolls in.

Upon searching the vessal they find the all of the crew are dead, seemingly gunned down by each other. The abnormals are also dead, killing each other with their bare hands (or claws in some cases). Magnus and Will show up, Will’s nerves rattled a bit by flying through the storm. They remember hearing rumors that this crew was dealing in red-listed abnormals(highly dangerous types of abnormals). Upon searching the ship they find two “nests” of creatures in bricks of ice. They decide to thaw one to see what they are. They thaw one enough to get a tissue sample. It turns out to be a Migoi, last seen in the season 1 episode “Kush”. In case you missed that one, the Migoi is a physically weak creature. It uses very strong telepathic powers to influence others. It can make people see, hear and feel things that are not actually there. It’s a good episode, you really should check it out.

Too make matters worse, the ship is badly damaged and begins taking on water. Magnus tell everyone that exposure to salt water will accelerate the metabolism of the Migoi, increasing their powers and causing them to breed. To avoid this the begin moving the frozen Migoi to the higher decks. The discover that the one they had partially thawed has now escaped. Needless to say paranoia kicks in as everyone starts to turn on each other. A couple of people die(I won’t spoil everything) and they end up finding a second half melted ice block.

They finish moving the frozen Migoi, when two more people arrive; Magnus and Will. So now they have no idea who is the real pair and who are the Migoi in disguise. It turns out that the real Magnus and Will are the real Magnus and Will. Salt water is poison to Migoi, it doesn’t super charge them. They are able to safely remove the remaining frozen Migoi and the bodies of the dead and return home.

I really enjoyed this episode. It was very well written and suspensful. I was glad to see the London team. Deckland is a good character and it was nice to see Alastor again. Terry and Murray seem like good characters as well. Sadly the London Sanctuary is going to have to do some hiring. It was nice to see Magnus, Will and Henry all together. This was the first episode this season to have just the one story line and have at least most of the cast. Biggie rarely goes on field missions and I think Kate may be in Hollow Earth forever.


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