Review of Teen Titans #3

“If yer thinkin’ your big purple fist makes you special…yer wrong!”

***Contains Spoilers***

Before the release of #1 I was fairly excited about a new Teen Titans book. That excitement has faded. It’s not bad, but it seems to be a little all over the place. Kid Flash escapes from the prison with Solstice. It turns out they are somewhere Antarctic. Solstice can fly, but not very far(not sure if this is due to fatigue or something N.O.W.H.E.R.E. did to her). We then pop over to Los Angeles where Cassie is interrogating one of the three brothers from the last issue. Meanwhile, we get to meet Bunker and I am not a fan. He sure is though, of Tim. He traveled to the states to find Tim and join his team. Tim wasn’t really looking for a team, more like a pooling of resources.

The train they are on comes to a sudden stop. They are greeted by a brainwashed crowd. People just walking about with vacant looks on their faces. Tim goes to investigate and meets a pile of “cybernetic scrap en route to a recycling bin” that “generated spontaneous intelligence”. That has got to be the weakest origin story I have ever heard. Somehow Detrius (I guess calling himself pile of garbage was too wordy) is able to brainwash people. He makes Tim forget he saw him and send him back to the train where he tells Bunker there is no problem and they can go. Skitter(Seriously who came up with these names?), who was in a cocoon the whole time, is back to her human self, but has no idea where she is or who Tim and Bunker are. Meanwhile Kid Flash and Solstice have found themselves on a city street in the middle of the frozen landscape.

This book needs some work, but I think it has a lot of potential(mostly my opinion on most of Lobdell’s work). I am not much of a fan of Skitter and Bunker. Hopefully Skitter can learn to regain her human mind while in bug form. Bunker justs comes off as needy and annoying. That is just my opinion, for all I know some kid out there read this issue and totally relates to the character. This was only his first appearance, maybe he’ll grow on me. Also I know we are talking about a universe full of people that can fly, are bulletproof, and all other manner of super human abilities. I understand that the same rules of reality do not apply. However when I read the part about a pile of tech crap becoming self aware I just couldn’t buy it. I mean if they had said he was a run away government project, or an alien consciousness, I could have said o.k. A pile of junk just becoming self aware? Really?


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