Review of Diablo #1(Of 5)

I was shocked to find that DC was putting out a Diablo mini series, but also very happy. It is such a great game series I have been wanting to dig deeper into.

*Post contains spoilers*

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this run. I really loved playing D2 back in the day and it was one of those games that had such a great story and lore to it, but one I never was able to find time to dig deeper into. This comics tells the story of Jacob, a young man from the north being hunted by his own people. Jacob meets an old story teller who warns him about his people pursuing him, which also is his childhood friend. The book takes place sometime after Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction but not sure how long. It couldn’t have been to long since Jacob’s mother talks about how she was alive when the Worldstone was destroyed and Jacob was also possible born before the events at Mount Arreat.

The old story teller tells Jacob of his days as a seer and tells him to travel out of the city to find a great peak which is greatness doubled. Jacob is able to leave before his people find him, but they are not far behind. As Jacob wonders on into the wastes, he wonders about the old mans words, trying to figure out if they had some truth to them or it was simply chance that he was already planning to head northwest. Jacob finally finds the cave and sees the archangel Tyrael leave his sword. Still in awe, Jacob notices that the art on the side of the caves is very familiar. A flash back takes us back to an attack on Jacob’s home, Staalbreak, by barbarians. The next shows Jacob at the¬†execution¬†of his mother who has been branded a traitor. The story ends with one finally flashback showing Jacob challenging his father.

I really enjoyed this. If you have ever playing any of the Diablo games, you know how great the story can be. I remember staying up in the middle of the night playing D2 offline and being so entranced by the story I was playing. I only hope that D3 is just as amazing. The comic is a good read if you are a fan of the games. I am glad I was able to pick this one up, I hope that the later issues are just as good.


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