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Just in time for New Years! A review of Teen Titans #4

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Team books! Yay! Really I love team books, they are fantastic! Not to mention I love Wonder Girl and Kid Flash. As I am about to bring in the New Year, let me give you one last review for 2011. See you all in 2012.

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Magic, magic everywhere! A review of Justice League Dark #4

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Such an awesome team. I am sure I say this each week but I am so glad DC put this team together and I can’t wait to read more of it. Not to mention Deadman makes me giggle.

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The Flash lives! A review of The Flash #4

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So last month, the comic pretty much ended with Barry getting shot in the head. Not something that you would think to see in the start of a run right? Well I knew he wasn’t really dead! I mean, I don’t think a character like The Flash would have that short of the run. It is Barry fucking Allen. This week is no different, Barry puts on those running shoes and does what he does best, saves the day.

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The Lightbright brigade: A review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #4

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Ah another week and another fresh batch of comics right out of the oven. I loved Blackest Night, like when Barry Allen became a Blue Lantern? That was awesome! So when I saw a book that was a team up of lanterns I almost died. Now if you like Green Lantern at all or if Blackest Night/ Brightest Day intrested you. OR you know you just want to read something awesome. This is what you want to read.

On a personal note, do not jump out your window just to sneak up on your nephews, it has been a hell of a morning.

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A blast from the past: DC Versus Marvel Comics!

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WAIT WHAT IS THIS!?!?! How could you talk about such an epic battle with both sides waging war at all times. Well chillax broseph, I am talking about a series of comics from 1996. Back in 1996, DC and Marvel got together and made a mini series about the two universe getting mixed up and all that fun universal catastrophic goodness. My lovely sister and her family got it for my for Christmas and I finally got done reading it. I have to say I wish there was more stuff like this. I like the characters in Marvel, I really do. However, I love DC more and can’t always bring myself to pick Marvel comics. I still have a bunch of Siege books I got when Borders went out of business that I have yet to read. But this…this was cool. So as a Christmas bonus, here is a review.

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No one should be alone on Christmas: A review of the Doctor Who Christmas special 2011

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Now, I feel I could never do a review of any Doctor Who episode and give it the credit it deserves, but boy will I try. I just got done watching the Christmas special from this year. I know I am a few days behind but I just now found time to watch and honestly, I was almost crying.

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From everyone at murtha reviews to everyone out there; have a safe and happy holiday.

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