I did not see that coming..A review of Hawk and Dove #4

Well it is the first week of December, well first full week..So you know what that means! Comic! Yay! You may now rejoice in your fresh batch of #4’s. And of course, Murtha Reviews is on the case to tell you our thoughts(Not our fault if they are better then yours)

First up Hawk and Dove #4. Now I started reading Hawk and Dove around #3 and had to go back and I really liked it. But I have to warn you, #4 threw me a curve ball. Just when I thought I was starting to make sense of things. I get this.

*Post may contain spoilers*

So #3 left off with Hawk and Dove getting done with their super brawl at the White House. With Swan gone and Condor in custody, they plan to start getting to the bottom of this. After Dove’s kindness gets them nowhere, the team starts to play some good cop-bad cop and lets be honest, who could do that better then these two? While Dove is outside we she a flashback to see what actually happened between her and Swan. We see Dove start to get pretty rough with Swan and she starts hinting at a darker past before she was Dove. Could it be that our peaceful lady used to be much more darker? Here is the real kicker. Swan stabs Dove and in a flash of light Swan is gone..

We go back to the present and Condor finally starts talking. And here is where I started to get lost again. Condor gets pretty graphic with his plans, telling Hawk he plans on cutting his avatar our of him and eating it while it is still alive. And Dove needs to die because he doesn’t understand what she is. Now if this wasn’t crazy enough, Condor starts talking about the War Circle. While both of them have no idea what he is talking about, Condor talks as if Hawk should know. Also Condor claims to be at least 200 years old. That not enough for you? Well enter Deadman.

That is right boys and girls, apparently being with a ghost makes your avatar easier to track. As Deadman enters, Condor says he is not alone. He tells Swans true mission. She wasn’t to kill Dove, but to open an energy conduit, along her to move to another plan. As he is telling his master plan, Deadman is attacked by Swan and taken away. Dove goes into a small rage getting right into Condor’s face. He starts to go on about if she had started to connect the dots? The longer she is with Hawk the more violent she grows..is it possible that Dove won’t be very peaceful much longer? We will have to wait. After Condor tells them that they are going to use Deadman to track down the rest of the circle one of the walls of his cell blows up. Those zombie soldiers from #1 start rushing in and things become very messy very fast. Sadly Condor gets away and Hawk is taken down. Things are looking very grim for our heroes.

Now don’t get me wrong, while this issue threw me a handful of curve balls. I loved it. My problem is that I got used to reading old comics, so if I needed to know something the info was out there. With this, I am on my own waiting for the next issue. It’s not a bad thing, but you know the feeling. Now I talked to Drew a little bit about Hawk and Dove when I started reading them last month. And I guess I was right, it seems there are a number of different avatars. I am wondering if they are all avatars of war or if they are different. Right now I am guessing they are war since its called the War Circle. Only time will tell I guess. Its a great read, but its like an episode of Lost. You watch it to get your questions answered and leave with more questions. You should be reading Hawk and Dove. It is turning into a pretty cool story so far. Lets hope it keeps up.


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