Going Green: A review of Swamp Thing #4

Its that time again! Alec Holland is still on his quest to save the world from a demon child. Everyone’s dream when they come back from the dead right?

*This post may contain spoilers*

Now Swamp Thing #3 left us in a pretty dark place. I mean we found out that Abby’s little brother is basically a walking plague. Not something you really want to see your little brother become. But have no fear Alec Holland is here! And to be kind of honest, he is becoming more whiny then some red colored sidekicks I know. But regardless, he goes along with Abby to find her younger brother before he becomes a whole lot more powerful and cause even more damage. While they are not far behind, they still have a good bit of ground to cover before they find William.

Sadly, William strikes again before they even have a chance to find him, amazing how fast that kid covers ground when he is just walking. He goes into a diner and when the guy working gets his order wrong, well people pretty much explode. Its really nasty. When Alec and Abby stubble upon the scene, she explains just how William’s powers works. Everyone has some kind of death inside them, from a dead skin cell to a tumor. William can well, make it bloom so to speak. And by bloom I mean explode. And this goes for anything. Dead wood, dead flowers, or even a dead pet buried in the ground. William can use his powers to make it ‘bloom’. Pretty scary if you ask me. So to stay safe, the two camp out in a field, where the grass is very much alive.

Then comes the fun party of trying to read through Alec’s tripy dream. Alec has another visit from the Green, explaining just how long the battle between the Green and the Rot has been going on. This battle has been going on long before man walked the earth, move over religion and evolution, I have dinosaurs fighting for a mystic force made of plant life. The Parliament tells Alec to accept their call or it could mean the end of days. However, he does not want to become that ‘monster’ again. I say it like that because I never saw Swamp Thing as a monster, leave him alone! However, even though the Red and the Green have fought with the Rot all this time, it has just been keeping the balance. The Green needs Alec more then he could ever understand. While there have been all kinds of heroes of the Green, Alec is the chosen one, their greatest warrior.   However, Alec is still a little lost and I can’t blame the guy. I mean he comes back from the dead with memories of a Swamp Thing that was not truly him and now everywhere  he turns people are telling him who and what to be and meanwhile this demon child is running around killing. It is a lot for a guy to take in. The fight will continue with or without Alec but they give him a warning, things will become much much worse should he not answer the call of the Green. The warning does not end there…

They tell Alec he must kill Abby, for she will be his downfall. He wakes to find Abby leaving him but convince her to take him with her even though she plans on chasing her brother into the desert were the green will not be there to protect him…Silly Alec, just become Swamp Thing again!

Honestly, in my opinon, this is one of the best titles out there. It might be a bit graphic and more of a horror comic, but it is fantastic. From the story to the art I love it. Granted I have had a thing for Swamp Thing ever since I found out about his character, this run is doing great things for the character. I have said it before, I couldn’t have been more excited when I found out Swamp Thing was one of the New 52. But the whole Green vs the Rot thing has get me hooked. I just can’t wait for Alec to go Swamp Thing and kick some real ass. Maybe guest star in Justice League Dark? I man can dream ok?


One Response to “Going Green: A review of Swamp Thing #4”

  1. I think an Aquaman and Swamp Thing teamup would be awesome, if they were in the dessert.

    “You don’t look so good.”

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