Review of Action Comics #4

“Superman! I’ll handle this.”

***Contains Spoilers***

An alien menace threatens the Earth, good thing we have Superman to protect us. Although it seems like he is one of the reasons they are here in the first place.

The city of Metropolis is in a state of panic. Seeing as how all over the country manufacturing plants are churning out robot armies that are attacking everyone, I can’t blame them. In the midst of all this we have Army SSG John Corbin searching for Superman. In issue #3 SSG Corbin was putting on an experimental “super suit” when he was taken over by the alien intelligence behind these attacks. During the whole issue Luthor runs around talking to himself, well I assume he is speaking to the alien intelligence, but we don’t hear another side to the conversation. Clark quickly runs away to become Superman and try to protect the city. Of course Lois just thinks he ran off like a scared little wuss.

We learn in this issue that Dr John Henry Irons is Steel. This is no surprise to anyone who read the old DCU. We don’t know his origins in the “New 52”, but he still has his signature hammer and seems to want to be an ally of Superman.

Superman attempts to fight off the robotic horde as the citizens get to safety. Lois tries to reason with Corbin, but seems to have no luck. Superman seems to be having no luck against Corbin, so it’s a good thing Steel shows up and takes over the fight. Of course the fight doesn’t really take place in the comic. you have to check out the issue’s back up. This frees up Superman to see that the city of metropolis has seemingly disappeared. We catch a glimpse of our collector who has bottled the city. Again anyone who read the old continuity will remember the bottle city of Kandor(which was also seen in issue #3 in Clark’s dream). General Lane, concerned for his daughter, actually turns to Superman for Help.

This was a pretty good issue. I like how the story is heading and the art is good. I have always liked Steel, and he seems to be pretty much the same (part hero, part scientist), so I am happy to see him in the “new 52”. The separate fight scene was a little odd, but better that than not having it at all. One thing I am not thrilled with is the fact that we have to wait 3 months to find out what happens next. “Continued in Action Comics #7” is not really what you want to see at the end of issue #4. From what I have read on DC’s website the next issues will be related to the story(I think), but I am still a little put off by it.


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