Review of Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 10

“From below, we rise.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Things seem grim for the Sanctuary crew. The episode starts of at a sprint. Will and Deckland are racing down a country road, trying to get directions from Henry. They come up to a S.C.I.U. roadblock and get out and run for the woods. They hit the far edge of the tree line and try to radio Magnus. Then a building explodes!!!

We then calmly transition to three days earlier. Biggie has left on his journey to Hollow Earth. Will and Magnus discuss abnormal mating habits. Business as usual, until they get an urgent call from Deckland, and he has a guest, Kate. Kate has some intel she picked up from some abnormals, recently returned from the surface. Will is dispatched to London to help investigate the rumors of a terrorist attack.

They end up picking up a member of the terrorist cell, who of course doesn’t want to talk. Henry keeps hitting walls while digging through intelligence reports. They also beg into show concern, no one has heard from Biggie. Deckland is able to locate the rest of the cell, but when they get there everyone is dead. They suspect that the abnormals killed the non essential members to prevent further leaks. They learn that the terrorists are planning on attacking a summit of all the government agencies involved in fighting abnormals. Magnus attempts to warn them and learns that Biggie has been linked to the terrorist group. They follow several leads only to learn that they are following a decoy attack on a decoy target. S.C.I.U. thinks they tricked they abnormals by leaking a decoy destination, but the abnormals figured it out. To make matters worse they find more eveidence that Biggie has joined the terrorist group.

Magnus figures out what happened to Biggie. She goes to question the Krixorim that was captured back in episode 3(massive mind powers). He admits to edgeing his way into Biggie’s mind and remapping his thoughts. Turning him into a traitor. They are able to threaten the details of the attack out f him. They have just under 12 hours to stop Biggie and 3 others from suicide bombing the hotel.

S.C.I.U. does listen to Magnus’s warnings and they do a double sweep of the building, they end up evacuating the hotel. Magnus and Kate sneak in to try and stop Biggie. They are able to knock him out and get him out of his vest before the bombs go off. They are banged up, especially Kate, but they all survived.

Kate tells Will she is engaged to Garris and Biggie seems to be overcoming the mind altering. Enough so that Magnus lets him go into town. It is there that we see him meet up with members of the abnormal terrorist group.

Another great episode to add to a great season. A lot happened, I truncated quit a bit for my summary. It seemed longer than usual(even though it was standard length). It was good to see Kate back, she seems to be going back to Hollow Earth, but according to what I have read she will be back for the season finale.

Things certainly are heating up. The abnormals are getting more organized and bolder in their attacks. I am not sure why they don’t just target the general population. I mean the revelation of the abnormals would cause panic and disorder, which would give the governments something else to worry about.

I am wondering if Magnus was having Biggie followed or if she really did trust him. I know that they have been friends for decades, but she has to know that she can not fully trust him. Another possibility is that he is acting the part to gain intel on the terrorists.


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