Review of Green Lantern #4

“Your empty regret doesn’t change anything. Korugar is beyond saving.”

***Contains Spoilers***

It turns out that Hal wasn’t disintegrated. The Yellow Central Battery was about to transport him to the antimatter universe, but aborted the transport because he wasn’t Sinestro. Why was it trying to transport him to the antimatter universe? I have no idea, hopefully that gets addressed later. Hal has a series of moments with Carol flash before his eyes. Sadly they are all break ups(Why can’t those crazy kids just make it work?).

Well, Sinestro really thought his plan would work and did not bother coming up with a plan b. He and Hal are quickly captured by the Sinestro Corps. Hal is placed in a cell designed to drain the power from his ring, Sinestro is taken away for…well experimentation. Hal’s ring, not being a regular GL ring, doesn’t have much juice left. When faced with only enough power for one more construct, he chooses to make it an image of Carol. He says he is sorry as he sits in the darkness.

Meanwhile Professor Insidd is running some tests, very painful tests, trying to remove the green ring. Of course he can’t and Sinestro is thrown into the cell adjacent to Hal’s. Although, unlike Hal, Sinestro is not alone. Many of the citizens of Korugar and in there with him. They are still pretty pissed at him. Especially Arsona, we learn that she was a police officer that fought for SInestro when he sought to establish order on Korugar. She trusted him and believed he would make things better. We all know how that turned out. Sinestro gives them an apology(which I think is sincere), which they are not interested in.

This is the part where Hal chimes in with a daring plan. He tells Sinestro to make rings for all the Korugarian prisoners. The power rings would not be full strength, but it might be enough to break free. Sinestro is able to make them rings, but they immediately turn on him.

This issue seemed focused on regrets. Hal regrets never being able to make it work between Carol and him. Sinestro regrets all the wrongs that have been committed against his people. Both of them have lost things/people they care about.

I am not sure how the “give everyone a ring” plan was going to work. #1) the peope of Korugar have never used the rings before and while it is fairly intuitive, not just anyone can pop one on and ring sling(see Ollie in GL: Rebirth). #2) they are in a cell designed to drain green power rings. Maybe the cell can’t drain so many at once? Not really sure.

I am a huge Green Lantern fan and I am enjoying this new series. The artwork is excellent. I like seeing Sinestro and Hal working together. I am still waiting to see how Hal gets a real ring again. I mean I assume he is going to get his ring back and Sinestro will go back over to the Yellow side. Although it might be interesting to see Sinestro remain on the Green team.


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