Better late then never! A look back at Smallville

Back in 2001, a T.V. show came out. Now back in 2001 I was to busy playing lacrosse and trying to find ways to hit on a girl to spend time watching some silly show. However, little did I know how amazing the show would turn out. Sadly, in May of this year, Smallville came to an end. Before ending, Smallville did have an increadible run of 10 seasons.  I only recently started watching Smallville and finally finished it last week. I am here now to tell you my thoughts and tell you to stop wasting your time watching all sever different shows of CSI and watch Smallville.

Continue reading find out what I thought of the series(Post may contain spoilers)

I have been thinking about how I could go about doing this since I started watching the show. I mean it is too good not to be reviewed. But since I had all the episodes, it would have been a massive spam and pain to do it by each episode. So here is what I have you. I pretty much have it broken down into three parts. I have my likes, dislikes, and general thoughts that cover all 10 season.

The Likes:

  • The show does a fantastic job of giving a fresh look at Clark Kent and the hero he would become. I am not always a huge fan of Superman but I feel in love with Smallville after the first episode.
  • The small little jokes put in. Like calling the barn loft the Fortress of Solitude or talking about the Junior Lifeguards Association(JLA) It makes the show just that much better for someone who is already into comics and has some background.
  • The fact that it is a good show regardless of how you feel towards comics. A lot of people I know who watched the show have never even picked up a comic(God save their souls). But it has that same appeal as a lot of Super Hero movies that come out. While they are a huge deal to fans, someone who has never heard of them can see it and enjoy.
  • The heroes and villains in Smallville. I got super excited when I would recognize a name or if the episode had a title that hinted toward someone. The amount of different characters and the ways they are portrayed is fantastic. Honestly if they had a spin of Justice League show it would be the best thing EVER.
  • The fact that the character of Chloe until the end. I was sad to see some of the old or original characters leave the show. I am glad that they kept her along. Not only does it have the tie to the past but she is the best side character out of the original cast.
  • The story arcs. There was never a dull season. Even though the ones with the mystic stones was a little silly. Season 3 or 4 I think. But from Doomsday to Darkseid they had all kinds of amazing stories.

The Dislikes:

  • Lana Lang! She went from cheerleader to friend to fighter to bitch to dead to activist to lover to superhero. After about the second season her character just didn’t make sense to me and by the time she ended up with Lex, I wanted her to be killed off so badly. One day she is a teen running a coffee shop and the next she is trained killer.
  • Coffee shops. Look I live in a small town, I was around in 2001. There is no way you can have me believe that the coffee shops in Smallville were that cool that they were ALWAYS there. I mean I guess the Talon makes more sense because Lana worked there, and at some points people lived there but I know teens. They all don’t all flock to a coffee shop. Only hipsters and poets go there. It just made me laugh.
  • Killing off Lex..again…Towards the end of the show, it just seemed like we were guessing if Lex was alive or dead all the time. One day he is dead and the next day there is a clone, then a body double, then a faked death, then a clone. Now he is really dead. No wait there is another clone. Now he is a ghost. Now he is a super clone with no memory. It just seemed like after making him find out who Clark was they didn’t know how to keep him in the show. And I was disappointed they brought him back at the end…and he makes it to the white house? Come on!
  • Pete Ross. Clark’s best friend. He started off so cool and one of the characters I liked more. But after he found out about Clark it seemed like they were always kicking the crap out of him. I mean you look at any other character who found out and they were never touched. But Pete got his shit rocked every other episode. But he became so whiny and bitchy I was glad to see him go. And when he came back I started to see how glad I really was that he was gone.

General Thoughts:

  • The side heroes. From Zatanna to Dr. Fate there was an all-star cast of other heroes. I was sad to see a lot of them go, but I understand that the story is about Clark not the Justice League.
  • Green Arrow. I love how they did his character and I was glad to see him stick around.
  • Clark Kent and his collection of Billionaires. First he meets Lex, then Lionel, then Swan, then Ollie. And you know one day he is going to be best friends with Bruce. I get trying to save the farm but man! Most people only have one rich friend.
  • Lois Lane was by far my favorite character. She did so well at everything. I can not even begin to properly express how fantastic she was.
  • While the first few seasons can seem a little cheesy with the high school love, they are still good seasons. No matter what the show was amazing.

Well there you have it. The Quicknotes to my thoughts on Smallville. There is a lot more I left out but you should watch the show yourself if you haven’t already. It truly is a fantastic show and I am very glad it got to run for 10 seasons. There could have been some great spinoffs from Smallville. Hopefully more comic book tv shows come out and do as well as Smallville did. You really show watch it.


One Response to “Better late then never! A look back at Smallville”

  1. I know you or I could go on about Smallville for days. It really was a great show, and an absolute delight if you are familiar with the comics. SO many references to the comics, so many characters. I loved seeing the JSA(I’m old school like that).

    They had planned an Aquaman spin-off, but it never went anywhere. To my knowledge they never even considered a JLA spin-off, even though episode 11 in season 6 set it up perfectly.

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