Aren’t you a little short for a trooper? A look at SWTOR: The Trooper.

A few days ago, I took on a trip to Ord Mantell and let you in a little on the Smuggler class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game had its official launch today and I spent a good bit playing. A 13 Trooper Vangaurd and a 8 Smuggler named Skychaser and Skychaserr(Have to keep it classy). Now that I got to replay the Trooper starting planet, I want to take you a quick little trip back to Ord Mantell and see what it takes to be a trooper.

Continue reading to find out more on the trooper(*Post contains spoilers*)

So like the Smuggler, the Trooper starts out on Ord Mantell. You are the newest member of Havoc Squad, the best of the best when it comes to the Republic! However, on your way to Fort Garnik, your transport is hit and you have to make your way on foot while Gearbox, one of Havoc Squad, tries to fix it. Upon getting to the fort, you met the rest of Havoc Squad and learn why an elite squad is on a backwater planet. Somehow the Separatists on Ord Mantell snagged an orbital strike bomb off a crashed dropship. It is now your job to find it.

Like the Smuggler, you run around on an island on Ord Mantell trying to complete your mission and helping some locals along the way. For the most part your missions are hit and miss. You keep getting close to the bomb but the Separatists are always on the move. For example your first lead who was going to give you intel is found dead. Just the best thing to start your day. But as your run around Ord Mantell, it seems more and more like an inside job. You finally track down the bomb to the Separatist stronghold on Ord Mantell(I still can’t get over the fact that it is a volcano base). So you make your way there and start busting skulls.

However, once you find the is not all fun and games..Sadly when you find the bomb, you find Havoc Squad working with the Empire taking the bomb for themselves. This doesn’t feel like it will end well and even though you manage to deactivate the bomb, Havoc Squad makes off with it and leaves you to die. Havoc Squad lost faith in the Republic and sadly they are not the only ones, shortly after you get back to base you find out more elite troops are defecting. However, while this seems like the end, it is only the beginning. Since Havoc Squad thinks you are dead, you are more of a threat then ever and it is up to you now to rebuild Havoc and take revenge.

Now I will say I love all kinds of troopers in Star Wars. So when I started looking into Star Wars I was set on being a trooper. And I am glad I did. I really enjoy my trooper. I went Vanguard wanting to be a tank, but now I am not sure how the pve in the game will be..if there are raids of any kind and if I will do them or not. Plus a friend of ours is really set on tanking. Now the Vanguard can also dps, but if I were going to dps as a trooper I would have gone Commando. Assault cannons look a look cooler then blaster rifles if you ask me. But I like the style of a trooper. It really can feel like a one man army some times. Not only do you have attacks and AE abilities to take down enemies but you can also get in there faces or throw some bombs. I still have to give it a really try in pvp but I like the time I have spent on my trooper so far.

Hopefully soon I can get a review for the first Flashpoint going or depending how things are I might make a another class and do another review. I will likely wait until I am maxed level to do a full review on the game.

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