No one should be alone on Christmas: A review of the Doctor Who Christmas special 2011

Now, I feel I could never do a review of any Doctor Who episode and give it the credit it deserves, but boy will I try. I just got done watching the Christmas special from this year. I know I am a few days behind but I just now found time to watch and honestly, I was almost crying.

(Post contains spoilers)

Now I only recently became one of the many people addicted to Doctor Who and honestly I wish I had started sooner. If you don’t like this show or feel your heart break for the doctor on each of his adventures…well I don’t know how you live with yourself. But I was hooked as soon as I started, I even asked for a sonic screwdriver for Christmas! But this year like so many other before, we join the Doctor on Christmas as he hangs out with humans and gets mixed up in a crazy adventure he never dreamed of.

Last time we left the Doctor, he pretty much faked his own death, which is a big deal for someone who can regenerate when close to death. Now the lovely River Song tells her wonderful parents that the Doctor still lives, but he never does show his face. This year he gets tangled up with a family in England(Shocker) as he crashes down from space a few years before a husband goes to war. We then jump three years later to the husbands plan crashing as he tries to make it home for Christmas. We are then shown the family going to the country side to ovoid the bombings in London. When they get the the house, they are greeted by the Doctor or the Caretaker. As he shows them the wonderful house, the mother of the family knows something is up, but the children are already falling in love with the Doctor.

The young son of the family soon becomes intrigued by a large Christmas present and wants to open it early. Not listening to his older sister, he opens it one night and finds himself in another world. Soon after the Doctor and his sister follow him in to find him. Upon arriving the the new world, the Doctor explains it was a Christmas surprise for the family and that he was going to lead them on it. However, something is wrong, the trees are worried. After seeing the children are gone, the mother follows them into the box to save them. The boy finds a tower with tree-people inside and looks at them in awe. The doctor and the girl arrive soon after and see stars coming out of the trees. The Doctor explains that it is the pure life force of the trees trying to leave, but he is unsure as to why.

However, the mother is soon ‘captured’ by some workers getting ready to harvest the forest. When the trees are harvested, they become one of the best fuels available. Sadly, they are harvested using acid rain, which will kill any other life on the plant. This leaves the mother very little time to find her family and escape before they die. While she tries to find a way to save her children, The Doctor is faced with a terrible news. The trees are trying to escape, but need to travel in a lifeform but have none they can use. Just as there seems like there is no hope, the mother comes to save the day, for she has the strength to care the tree’s life force inside her.

Leaving the planet, they enter the time vortex and the mother must focus on home if they are ever to return. This however means she must focus on her late husband. Which also leads the children learning the truth about were their father is, I thought I was going to cry. However, in leading them home, she ends up becoming the guiding light her husband needed to find his own way home. And again, everyone gets to live! However, the Doctor is still alone..

The mother finally convices and talks the Doctor into going to see his friends, since it is not nice to leave them alone on Christmas. The Doctor arrives on the door step of the Ponds two years after his ‘death’ Amy is very upset that it as taken him this long, but the two finally embrace each other. The Doctor then joins the Ponds for Christmas dinner, and in a real tear jerking moment, they tell the Doctor they set a place for him every year since they never know when he might show up.

Let me just say this, getting into Doctor Who was one of the best choices I have ever made. I really want to go back and watch all of Classic Who, I just don’t have the time and the real early stuff is hard to find :/ However, the current Who is still fantastic! I really want it to come back so I can review it, but I must wait just like everyone else. Yet, as always, Doctor Who does not disappoint and gives us another amazing Christmas episode. Matt Smith does a great job making the view feel all kinds of feelings. It is really one of those shows that breaks your heart each time you watch it, but you don’t care because it will fix it later with joy.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas or good holiday season. I have another review coming up from something I got for Christmas but I won’t tell you just will have to wait and see!


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