Just in time for New Years! A review of Teen Titans #4

Team books! Yay! Really I love team books, they are fantastic! Not to mention I love Wonder Girl and Kid Flash. As I am about to bring in the New Year, let me give you one last review for 2011. See you all in 2012.

(Post may contain spoilers)

N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is still hunting metahuman teens but that doesn’t mean they will all go down without a fight. No, Wonder Girl knows better then that. Mostly because she is hot, I mean mostly because she is awesome. Let me just point out the awesome adds you see in Time Square, like Booster Gold, Q-core, Batman the Musical and Lex corp. But anyways Wonder Girl is being followed by Superboy which won’t end well will the rest of the team is on the verge of coming together at last.

Miguel, Celine, and Red Robin are all still on the run and also hanging out in New York. The are trying to figure out their next move, but they are in a tough spot and things are about to get a lot more interesting. Enter Kid Flash and Solstice. Who just showed up out of the blue. But quickly get welcomed into the group. Solstice and Miguel quickly become friends and the banter between Red Robin and Kid Flash is almost as good as the banter between Batman and Green Lantern…almost.. But the comfort of new friends is short lived when Celine turns on the tv to see a mega brawl taking place near by in Time Square. Now Red Robin gives a speech about this being a turning point, that if they act now, they will be wanted dead by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Everyone but Celine is ready to act. She still seemed freaked out and seems to have little control over her abilities. However the rest of the group head out to help Wonder Girl.

Now while Superboy and Wonder Girl are fighting, they both talk about how the other one looks good, which is funny because pre-52 they were together, or at least it is funny to me. They also talk about how they are a little taken back about the others strength. But Wonder Girl seems like she may have met her match, it is not often she has to fight someone like Superboy, and while she holds her own, things are starting to look grim. But where there is darkness there is light, for the Teen Titans are now here! Well at least most of the team. Now the question is, will the team who is used to solo work be able to take down Superboy and just how will Superboy end up on the team?

I won’t even talk about my love of team books because I do it more then I should already. However, I am glad to see the team coming together at last. I think it is a good mix of some well known heroes and some new faces. But the thing that strikes me the most is Bart. Red Robin asks him how he came to have his powers and Bart tells him that he showed up at a home for wayward boys six months ago and has no memory before that. I wonder if they will keep the whole travel from the future thing or if Bart will get a new origin. Again also is the timeline factor. Red Robin mentions before there has been other Teen Titan teams in the past, this is sort of mentions in Red Hood and the Outlaws as well. And it goes back to what I said in the Justice League Dark Review, it just seems that some of the characters should at least know each other by now. Or how long was Red Robin with Batman before trying to make this team. Darn you DC, Darn you!

Well a book with a battle on New Years Eve in Time Square seemed like the perfect review to end the year with. It has been a great few months for Murtha Reviews and we thank you all, whether you check in all the time or you just hit some reviews or maybe you just stumbled onto us. We are looking forward to another year filled with comics and all things awesome. Look out for more reviews come the new year! See you all in 2012!

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