I love a girl who can handle a crossbow: A Review of Huntress #4

I really over looked Huntress when her title came out. I knew little about her, but just enough to want to find out more. It is something I will have to reread here soon.

(post may contain spoilers)

Now, most of the time I like a girl with litter hair like blonde or brown, but Huntress makes me reconsider. That being said, this month is another issue of her kicking ass in the name of justice. I like it. Now I don’t know if it the political side plot or just the names but I personally have a hard time following it all sometimes. Not saying its bad, actually you should be reading this. It is just a problem I know I have. But for one, you should support female titles, they don’t get the credit they deserve and two, well I mean have you seen Huntress in action? But when I can tell you is that in the middle of some political trouble, some guys are trading women into sex rings and stuff like that. And well, Huntress won’t stand for it. Now the past three issue she has been playing detective mostly, but it is time to start bring these bad boys down. And she does just that.

From what I can tell, she has three targets, The Chairmen, Moretti, and Ibn Hassan. The first boy to be taken down is Moretti, who I believe is in charge of selling the girls. After planting a bug in their hotel room, she is lead to a boat the next night. After making sure she won’t be disturbed by anyone else by emptying the fuel tanks and blocking any kind of single, she head for her target. Who goes down pretty easy. I mean for taking down five girls and only getting one cut, I would call that a good night. Huntress leaves Morettie to the mercy of the girls on the boat while the cops are not far behind. With one target down and two more issues left, I sense that the run will have a great finish. However I will be sad to see it go.

All in all, it is another month of awesome DC women kicking ass, and it is only week one! But for real, I do enjoy this comic. The art looks so fantastic and I love Huntress talking to herself. Now I have to go back and check but I know Karan was telling me about whether Huntress is on Earth-1 or Earth-2 because let us look at the facts. Earth-2 was confirmed by DC saying the they would be running a JSA comic taking place on Earth-2. Now Huntress was on Earth-2 in the past as the daughter of Bruce Wayne. However she was also on Earth-1. Sadly, they never say her last name in the comic so it is unclear. However, from the comic, we do she knows Batman and spent time in Gotham and it might be her turf. Personally I think she in on Earth-1. I feel Earth-1 Huntress has more reason to fight mobster given her background story on Earth-1. But it is just something to think about. I am not sure if any other news about that has come up that I missed. But if it is still up in the air, I am casting my vote for Earth-1.



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