This was not the starting zone I was looking for: A look at SWTOR Jedi Knight

Now I wish I could say I was level 50 and owning noob in some warzones, but I am not there yet. I would have been there a few days ago but I am waiting for a friend to catch up. Russ if you are reading this, stop, go level, I am sick of being 48. So while I was killing time, I started my Jedi Knight. Cassy( Cassie was taken, named after Cassie Sandsmark A.K.A. Wonder Girl) is my wondering and lovable Jedi Knight. I am now level 12 I think and I thought, hey it is 8:30 in the morning, I should tell the internet about the Jedi Knight! So here it is boys and girls. Enjoy!

(Post may contain spoilers)

Isn’t she wonderful? I am not sure why I feel the need to name characters Cassie. I mean I don’t even know a ton about Wonder Girl. However, she is hot and kicks ass. So that is good enough for me. But that is besides the point. Let us talk Jedi.

So Jedi Knights and Consular start on the planet Tython, the ancient Jedi home which is the new HQ for the Order since the old temple was destroyed. Tython itself isn’t too bad if you ask me. It has a lot of mountains which actually got me lost a few times, but it actually looks very calm and peaceful. A good home for Jedi. What I will say is this, Tython felt like a whole lot of running. Maybe I am just used to Ord Mantell, but Tython felt like I was using my legs a lot more. I won’t be sure until I play my Consular (she is named Dove, I am really into comics these days) But the Jedi Knight story line is alright so far. It feels lacking in some aspects. I am almost done the Smuggler story and have done some of the Trooper and they just feel more personal. The Jedi Knights story isn’t so bad, but right now it lacks that personal touch I got from the other two. Hopefully it picks up.

So basically you start off as a padawan and go to Tython to finish your training to become a Jedi Knight. However soon after getting to the planet you get dragged into fighting some Fleshraiders. They are natives to Tython(Which is mostly unexplored, by the way, so we know it is a safe planet) And they look like weird Hammerhead Shark people. Which actually makes them kind of cool depending on what armor they have, some of the later ones at like level 8-10 look pretty cool. Now when I say native, I mean they are pretty primitive, but now they have blasters and all kinds of fun toys( I smell a twist!) You find a ‘Jedi’ leading them and find out there is more to this story.

A master by the name, Orgus Din, who I find pretty badass. You are his fist padawan since the destruction of the Jedi Temple, making you kind of  a big deal. As you go along with the story you find that Master Din’s old Padawan, Bengel Morr is behind the Fleshraiders attacks and has been teaching some of them the force. Now when Burning Crusade came out and I made my first Blood Elf and found the zombie murlocs, I thought I had found the worst thing ever. Then Star Wars started giving the force to primitive races and I got really scared. But they are still no match for you! While you are fighting off the raiders and trying to stop them, you end up helping a group of Twi’leks trying to settle on Tython. So between the Twi’leks and the Jedi, you run around Tython fighting droids, raiders, and wild animals. The quests become better later on, but like I said it ends up being a lot of running around. Least it felt that way to me.

However, when you make your Lightsaber, well I got chills, it was one of the coolest things I have seen in the game yet. Made me feel like a real Jedi! Well if I was a real Jedi I would use the force to go get another drink and maybe force lightning some people. Now while I like playing a Jedi Knight, who is now a Jedi Sentinel, which means I am a badass with two lightsabers. I didn’t care for Tython so much. I don’t want to say it was bad, but the Jedi Knight’s story just felt weaker than the Trooper or Smugglers. You should still give it a go, I haven’t talked to a lot of people about how they feel so it might just be me. I will be sure to talk more about it when I start my Consular.

You eventually save Master Din and stop Bengel Morr from destroying the Order. Oh and he wasn’t even working for the Sith! He was just mad at the Jedi for ‘giving up’ and surrendering to the Sith after the temple was destroyed. Regardless you leave Tython a full Jedi Knight. You and Master Din must go to Coruscant and continue your story there. Now when I started these, I didn’t realize how big the stories were. So I am thinking once I finish each story completely I will do another review. Just a thought for you guys to look out for.

Oh and the best part is T7, he is your first companion and he rocks.


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