Agents of Chaos: Hero’s Trial

***Contains Spoilers***

In James Luceno’s first contribution to the New Jedi Order series we shift focus away from Luke and the Solo children and toward Han. As the Yuuzhan Vong continue to blaze a path through the Outer Rim worlds of the New Republic, Han Solo is visited by an old friend that has some information. Apparently there are people siding with the Yuuzhan Vong, calling themselves the Peace Brigade. Little does Han know that at the same time the Yuuzhan Vong are hatching a scheme aimed and taking out the Jedi.

In Vector Prime we have the politicians and spies of the Yuuzhan Vong; they did not do so well. In the Dark Tide Duology we saw the warriors, they did very well. Now we get to see the priests. Being a very religious culture the priests have a good deal of power. They have one of their own, Elan, along with her familiar, Vergere pretend to defect to the New Republic, while carrying a deadly bio weapon. Their mission is to give the New Republic enough info to give them a few victories, then get close to the Jedi and release the bo’tous.

Han gets a visit from an old friend, Roa, who wants Han’s help in getting some payback for the Peace Brigade’s role in his wife’s death. Han goes along and gets swept up into a larger fight than he had planned (the man sure does have a knack for that). When Elan’s escorts back to the New Republic are taken out by Peace Brigade operatives (who were not told of her true mission), Han takes up the task of getting her to the New Republic. He ends up discovering her ruse and she ends up taking her own life. Vergere gives Han a vial of her tears before ejecting in one of the Falcon’s life pods. The tears are the cure for the mysterious illness that threatened Mara’s life. Along the way Han picks up a new friend, Droma, an odd alien gypsy who saves Han, twice. Han agrees to help Droma find the rest of his family, who got separated during an evacuation.

This book offers us a perspective not often seen, the world through the eyes of C-3PO. The book opens at a memorial service for Chewbacca on his home planet. Threepio muses on his past with the wookie and observes the actions of the humans and other living beings around him. Along with a sudden flutter that disrupted his systems (a self-diagnostic showed nothing wrong) he starts to fear his own death.

At the beginning of Hero’s Trial it has been six months since the death of Chewbacca and the Yuuzhan Vong have conquered or destroyed almost thirty worlds. This leads to an ever-growing number of refugees that have nowhere to go. Leia is doing her best to organize aid and transportation for the refugees, but as the Yuuzhan Vong expand their conquest the list of places to go grows shorter.
The New Jedi Order series is much like one of the Crisis events in DC Comics. Pretty much everyone from the Star Wars Universe that is alive makes an appearance in this series. Odds are that if you have read about someone or seen them in a movie (and they haven’t died already) you will read about them in this series.

“You’d have to be a person of considerable dimensions to fill this seat”

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