So many rings! A review of Green Lantern #5

So an army of Green Lanterns verses an army of Yellow Lanterns…Well this should fun to watch!

(Post may contain spoilers)

Actually for such an epic cover, there felt like there was not enough fighting in this issue. Not that it was bad or anything. So last month we left Hal and Sinestro in prison with the rest of Korugar. Now, the people of Korugar are pretty pissed and were all just given Green Lantern Rings, you do the math..Even with Hal trying to talk them out of it all, shots are still fired. Lucky, Sinestro made it so the rings can’t harm him. Smart man. With that out-of-the-way, they turn to the real problem, taking back to planet from the Sinestro Corps. This would be a lot easier if they were not in prison. However, Sinestro is not out of cards to play yet. While Professor Insidd has the lantern, it still belongs to Sinestro. And let me say this, Insidd does not need a yellow ring to make me afraid, dude is creepy. Luck for me, Sinestro’s lantern rips right through the professor and smashes the prison door. Time for things to get all kinds of crazy.

While the people of Korugar fight the Yellow Lanterns, Hal and Sinestro make their way back to the Central Power Battery. Sinestro’s finally plan is about to start, and just in time for the rings he made the people of Korugar are running out. Sinestro is draining the power out of the Central Power Battery to cause it to go into survival mode. This will make it so the Yellow Rings are drawn into the battery to keep it alive? charged? shiny? Whatever you might like to call it, the plan works. However, it doesn’t end there, the Corps is sent into a coma for the feedback and will remain in one until the Central Power Battery is turned back on. And with that, Korugar is saved and while the people are still torn about Sinestro, he does take his corps and leaves.

As they are flying back to Oa, Hal and Sinestro almost have a “bro-moment” Sinestro talks like he has really changed and that he has always meant well. And in some ways he works like the Red Lanterns, working in the grey rather than black and white. But Hal reminds him, even though he has saved his planet, he still has a lot of crimes that have gone unanswered. Hal even admits that he has made his own shares of mistakes. However, Sinestro has had enough heart to heart and sends Hal back to Earth, letting him keep the ring but have no way to charge it. Low blow if you ask me.

With Hal back on Earth, I am worried it might be some time before we see him again, apart from JLA of course. But I wonder if DC really plans on keeping Sinestro Green and the Yellow Lanterns M.I.A. I mean Sinestro says that some members of to corps are still out there. Lets just say I was sad to see Hal back on Earth alone. But things are not all bad. Hal goes to Carol and explain himself. It is actually pretty sweet, and as we leave them we see them share a kiss. Though, I have to tell you there is more. And it doesn’t sound like good news. Now we have seen the Guardians act odd in both Green Lantern and in New Guardians and as far as I can tell they happen at the same time? Maybe? Damn you DC! However, one thing is clear at the end of GL #5, the Guardians are getting ready to try to start over. First came the Manhunters, then the Corps, but now they talk of a third army. They are off to the Chamber of Shadows to free the First lantern. Now I don’t know about you but I have played enough games, read enough comic/books, and watched enough TV/movies to know that the Chamber of Shadows can’t be a good place. And if you have to ‘free’ someone, chances are he/she/it is there for a reason. So watch out boys and girls, things might get messy very soon.

Now, I have to say, I am really looking forward to finding out about this third army and who this first lantern is. If DC has been doing one thing right, it has been plots with the Green lanterns over the past few years. I mean Blackest Day and Brightest Day were awesome and while I didn’t read it all, from what I saw of War of the Green Lanterns looked great. So far the have done a fantastic job with all the lantern books in the New 52, apart from the lack of timeline and fact checking. I am looking at you Guy! Not knowing MM! Bah! Also I am still trying to figure out how this lines up with GLC and NG. They talk of Arkillo being off planet during the fighting on Korugar. Does that mean he is off being in NG with Kyle and the others or is he just off world? I don’t know but I would like to find out DC!


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