A Marvel comic that doesn’t take place in New York? A review of Scarlet Spider #1

I am just kidding, don’t write to me listing other comics that take place outside of New York. If you do I might hunt you down myself and yell at you. But back to our story!

(Post may contain Spoilers)

Why are deals always being made down at the docks? Can’t they just go else where? It is always the docks. Regardless of where you like making your shady deals, it is never a good sign when you are about to make the exchange and you hear gun fire from one of your boys. It is even worse when some guy comes running at you slinging webs and beating your men close to death. Met Scarlet Spider, or Kaine. Now he simply just wanted to steal the bad guys money and leave the country. That was until he found the shipping container full of dead people with one still alive. Now while this is #1, Kaine does not seem to be a new character. He is a clone of Peter Parker made by Jackal. However, he was a failure, he was dying and fast..like most clones. And while Kaine died, he was brought back and Peter Parker saved him, and in doing so gave him a new life. Kaine no longer has to be a killer, he has been given another chance at life. And after a shave and a cut, he is ready to embrace that new life. But the question is how long this will last.

While Kaine is rediscovering what it means to be alive, someone shows up at the crime scene from the other night and torches the cops there. And I mean torch them. Burnt to a crisp. And that is not the only thing burning. Huston itself is burning. And Kaine makes his first save, even though it wasn’t his problem. An old lady was about to be blown away by a speeding car so he jumps the car, smashing the front and saving the lady. While she thanks him he tells her that she is to fucking old to be crossing the street along. Sadly, the driver of the car did not make it. While the people did not blame Kaine, he runs, that is what he is used to doing.

While he ins a bar, he hears about the second attack down at the docks. He tries convincing himself that this is not his problem, he is not a hero like Parker, he just wants to live his life. He has a new chance at life and he is not going to blow it by trying to be some hero. However, he might not have a choice from how things are looking. The girl he took to the hospital is now awake and worried. For the hospital is under attack by the same man from before. This leaves us with a question. Is Kaine going to really walk away…or will he use his new lease on life to become a hero. I am guessing hero or else this will be a very short-lived title..

This makes me wish I had gotten into Marvel sooner. I keep hearing about Spider Island in comics or on Tumblr and all I can think of is Monster Island from Godzilla. However, I will keep reading this one. I did enjoy it and I can’t wait for Kaine to suit up and become a hero.


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