Let there be lightning! A look at SWTOR: The Sith Inquisitor

So the other night my friend and me started out first Sith Characters. I went with a Sith Inquisitor, which as far as I could tell from fighting them in Pvp was an evil lightning man or woman. I would run around on my smuggler and be burnt to a crisp. But there is a little more to the inquisitor then shooting lightning.

(Post may contain spoilers)

So as you start your journey to become a Sith on the planet of Korriban, the ancient Sith home world. You are on your way to become an apprentice under Lord Zash. However you are not alone in this. A group of others are out to try just as hard as you to become Zash’s newest apprentice. One such man, Ffon, a pure-blood Sith, proves to be some of problem with the help of Overseer Harkun, who doesn’t like you very much. You see you are a former slave and a lot of people don’t take very kindly to you at first. But like a good Sith in the making, you use that hate and fear as your own.

The story is pretty simple, but a fun one if you let yourself get into it. While Harkun tries making your life a living hell by sending you on impossible mission in the depths on ancient Sith tombs while Ffon does god knows what. However, it doesn’t take long for Zash to notice all your good work and in time Harkun’s plans to set up your downfall give you the spot light. I wanted to kill Harkun from the start. During your finally trail, Harkun send’s Ffon ahead of you, for you finally compete against him and who ever should recover a map from a tomb will become Lord Zash’s newest apprentice. However, you have something that Ffon does not..On your last task you recovered ancient text telling you the key to find the map you need. You must awaken Khem Val.

After returning with the map, Harkun demands that you give it to Ffon and that he will have you killed either way. Just as the map is taken from you, Lord Zash shows up and things get awesome. Ffon caves after lying to Zash saying that he was the one that found the map. Zash kills Ffon on the stop but lets Harkun live. Zash is furious with Harkun who has been trying to set you up to fail from the start. When you and Zash leave, Harkun warns you that he has friends else where and that he will have his revenge. I am hoping he tries, I would love to kill him. With Zash taking you as her new apprentice, you finally start your true joruney to become a Sith. Zash gives you her old lightsaber as your first. And you now must meet her on Dromund Kaas.

While the start of the story seems pretty simple, it does feel really good to play. I had a lot of fun with it. I am wondering how the rest will play out. I am sad about the lightsaber part, I mean, it is cool that you got Zash’s old lightsaber. But when I made my own on my Jedi Knight, it felt so much more epic. Regardless I did have a lot of fun, Korriban isn’t to bad of a starting planet. I still haven’t had much chance to play a lot on the Empire side, but this was a great first experience.

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