What a good team up: A review of The Amazing Spider-man #667

Now here I go! I will do my best, but go easy on me.

(Post may contain spoilers)

So I was looking what Marvel had put out this week and this one stuck out to me. I read some Daredevil from back in the day and I feel in love with him. If it is one guy I really like in the Marvel Universe it is Matt Murdock. Now I don’t know a ton about Black Cat, but she seems like a pretty awesome lady. Now we open with our boy Peter, who has recently been dumped and we all know how that goes. You get dumped and all you see are couples, it is the worst. Just when Peter think his night has hit rock bottom, it takes a turn for the better. He runs into Black Cat. Now, Peter tries his best to play it cool but ends up coming off as super desperate . And sadly, Peter is going home alone, and Black Cat heads home. Just as Black Cat is about to enjoy a nice night alone at home, the cops show up and arrest her. What you should know is she found a little spider on her suit. She thinks it from Peter but I feel like it isn’t, but that is just me.

We just eighteen hours later as Peter is late for a meeting at work. Little does he know that last night they were robbed by Black Cat herself! She stole a phone that would change things forever, sending perfect holograms over a smart phone. But Peter doesn’t buy it, and then things take a turn for the weird when the time Black Cat was seen breaking it was at the same time she was with Peter, so was she in two places at once? Who wants Black Cat framed? Sadly, Peter isn’t the law type, but he does know someone who is! Daredevil, the man without fear. The two set up a met at the Chrysler building to get down to business. Now I really liked this part between Daredevil and Spiderman. Peter gives the guy a lot of credit, and he deserves it. Matt Murdock has had his whole life destroyed more than once yet he still suits up when he is needed.

The two talk over Black Cats case, and first the need to bail Black Cat out and talk to the guy who was robbed. unfortunately for them, Black Cat isn’t the kind of girl to wait to be recused and breaks out herself. Meanwhile Spiderman and Daredevil are still trying to find out their first move when they hit a snag. They run into a group of men who have a hostage and as Spiderman tries to figure out an attack plan. We find out the blind can see better than most, or at least better than Spiderman. What they see is a hologram, which might work on Spiderman but not Daredevil! While Spiderman tries to recover from the mistake the follow the holograms to try to find out more, even though it might be a trap. The tunnel they are in caves in and as Spiderman tries to pull himself out he gets shocked but some unprotected wires. Some real bad luck..which might explain why Black Cat is standing above him. She doesn’t look to pleased.

That is it for now! The story picks up next week in Daredevil #8 which I will be reading and reviewing. I have to say I really enjoyed this one. Spiderman and Daredevil make a great team not only because they could kick your ass but because of the banter. I love the talk that comics provide between heroes. A lot of the time it ends up being the best part. And I have to say I must be a sucker for girls who can pull off white hair because I am already loving Black Cat. I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes next week!


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