I would take that class! A review of Wolverin and the X-men #4

Really! I am mutant? Can I go? I promise to be good and study!

Post may contain spoilers

Really I can’t decide if I would rather go to Hogwarts or the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Can I go to both!? Regardless we get to see some faces we saw in X-Men Legacy as well as some faces we didn’t. For staff we have Wolverine, Kitty Pride, Iceman, Beast, and Rachel Grey along with some students. Idie Okonkwo who controls temperature, Broo an alien, Quentin Quire a telepath, Kid Gladiator a superstrong alien and Warbird a Shi’ar bodyguard. All in all a pretty sweet line up, and these are not the only mutants we will be seeing. Now Wolverine and Shadowcat might be running the school but Wolverine is still running X-Force, which is almost like a black-ops team that takes out threats to mutants.

Now even with all this going on, they still need to run a school. However, this isn’t easy. But that won’t stop them, they have faced down worse things, I mean how hard can it be to run a school? Our first new face is Genesis, a little boy who has just joined the school. Now I will say this now and I will say it all the time from now on. I love Broo, he is funny little alien who doesn’t seem to fully get humans yet. He is awesome and I want to be his friend. Next up we have Warren who some of you might know. Or maybe you don’t. Regardless he has huge angel like wings that I would kill for. Yet something does not seem right with Warren and Iceman wants to know what is wrong with his friend.

Warren now thinks he is a real angel, and that never plays out well. Things really go bad when he goes out for a fly and comes across a family burying their dog that had just been hit by a car. Warren rips the box out of the ground in front of the children telling them he can bring it back to life. Iceman shows up just before the children are scared forever and learns the sad truth. Warren has no idea who he is and really believes he is an angel. We later learn that while fighting Apocalypse, he memories were burned away and Wolverine hoped that bring him back to the school would spark something. Now I am guessing Warren was part of X-Force, I will admit I haven’t done my homework on that one. Now that Iceman knows the truth he wants him off the team and he will care for him. Wolverine couldn’t agree more and has already set him up in the school as a student.

Now talk about an interesting class! These kids have Deathlok come into their class and tell them about the future! Deathlok then goes crazy and starts forecasting possible futures for the kids in the class, something a lot of kids would go bananas for! However, he stops and leaves when he comes to Genesis. This upsets and worries him and later he chases down Deathlok to get an answer. Deathlok shows the reader a future with the other kids from class working as a team and fighting someone…fighting Genesis…who has become Apocalypse! Deathlok does not have the heart to tell him of that future and tells him that he must find out who he is himself. Deathlok confronts Wolverine about this and he has known. However, Wolverine did not see it right to tell the boy his true origin in fear that it might put him on the wrong path. He should not be damned from the start.

Between keeping the school running, working with X-Force, adding new students, and worrying about old friends, it has been a busy week for both students and staff alike. However, it does not end there. Before Kitty Pride was talking about how she was throwing up in the morning and the issue ends with her running to the bathroom to find..She is pregnant? But with whose baby? Or when or what? So many questions to be asked! I mean they end it with saying “Next Issue: Congratulations! It’s a..whoa,what the heck is that?” And that is never a good thing and it is really not a good thing when it is talking about a baby!

I will say I am glad I picked this one up and I will be picking up X-Force next week also. I have really enjoyed getting myself to read more Marvel Comics and what better to read then X-men. I remember watching the cartoon when I was little and then watching X-Men: Evolution, which was a great show. Plus the movies were pretty good. The lesson of the week is, read new comics, you might fall in love with them.


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