Wait…what..why! A review of Daredevil #8

Now last week I reviewed Amazing Spider-man #676, which is part of an arc ending with Daredevil #8. Now we find out who set up Black Cat and why…

(Post may contain spoilers)

Now last week, Black Cat was framed for something she did not steal and Spider-man went to Daredevil for help. This week, Black Cat finds them and God knows what will happen when these three team up.

Black Cat was framed for stealing hologram tech that would change the world. However, when the crime happened, she was with Spider-man. She was not the only one who was framed, Spider-man was framed for selling Black Cat out to the cops and now she has found the boys and is looking for answers. Once things become clear, the three of them agree to get to the bottom of this and find out who would want to frame both Spider-man and Black Cat. The teams first stop is the home of a man named Wasserschmidt, the man who made the hologram technology.

Now I said this before in my last review, but I love Spider-man and Daredevil working together. While Spider-man and Black Cat pick up nothing, Daredevil can hear someone else. So he simply points to the wall and says ‘door’. Spider-man doesn’t know what to say to that, he comes back saying he doesn’t want to blow the whole not really blind thing. However, Daredevil is write again. The bookshelf he pointed at was indeed a door and Wasserschmidt was inside. We find out that it has been a set up from the start. Wasserschmidt faked the theft and his own kidnapping so he could sell the tech for a crazy amount of money. We find out the ones behind this whole set up are Terra-one, or Telecom Upstart.(Not sure if those ring a bell, I am still new to Marvel) This gives them somewhere to look now, but they are not out of the woods yet. Daredevil smells something…Wassersrhmidt has been poisoned…While Spider-man takes him to the hospital asap, DD and Black Cat head out to steal the tech back.

Now, DD thinks that groups like Hydra, Black Spectre or A.I.M. might be working through Terra. A few days back he came to have the Omegadrive. What was once a Fantastic Four artifact is now a storage drive filled with data on all the big hitters. This is massive, like the kind of info that could destroy whole governments. After taking out all kinds of security systems, DD finally tracks down the stolen tech and meets back up with Black Cat. Now Spider-man does catch up with them, but when he does he find DD and Black Cat kissing, which he calls his super villain origin.  Now things get a bit crazy here, but I am 98% sure this is a flashback..

DD is still asking himself who and why. We see a flashback of Black Cat running into a man saying he works for Black Spectre, one of the groups Daredevil talked about before. Now Black Spectre needs something stolen, something only someone like her can get. Now, here is the kicker, the guy from Black Spectre says Matt Murdock has the item..so I am guessing Black Cat is after the Omegadrive. So with DD and Black Cat about to do the deed, does that mean DD is actually in danger? Or was Black Cat framed for not doing the job. Regardless I am not sure this is completely over.

However, Spider-man and Daredevil did their jobs and go their different ways..but we must remember that this is DD title, there is more to the story. In the start of the issue, we see Foggy Nelson at a graveyard about to dig up the place because of some strange activity going on there. This is the same graveyard that DD’s father is buried in. Nelson calls DD at the end, interrupting him and Black Cat to tell him some very shocking news…His father is gone…And by gone, I mean we see a massive hole going down from where his father’s grave should be..Things are about to get a whole lot of crazy..

Now, I picked up this to read this week mostly for the tie-in from Spider-man, but I have to say I really do like Daredevil and it will likely be something you see more of on Murtha Reviews. I remember reading a story arc of DD’s back when I took my comic book class and it blew my mind. A man who has it so hard and is working against impossible odds still finds a way to come out on top. It really is inspiring. Though I can’t say I am a huge fan of Ben Affleck being Matt Murdock. I didn’t hate the movie, but Ben just isn’t Matt.

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