Can we leave the time travel to The Doctor? A review of The Amazing Spider-Man #678

Really, my head is already a mess trying to figure out the DC timeline and then you throw time travel at me Marvel? I think you two are working against me…

Post may contain spoilers

So now that things are settled with Black Cat, Peter can back to just being a normal New Yorker..that just happens to be a member of The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man. However, he is happy with his life. Most people hate Mondays but Peter is happy to be alive and well and on his way to his ‘job’ that doesn’t have him wearing a mask. Sadly, at horizon Labs, Peter has “double-check duty” where he has to check someone else’s work to make sure it isn’t going to blow up or kill people, normal science stuff. Enter Grady Scraps, the man who invented musical fungus. A good guy, but very outside the box.

What started as simply checking out Grady’s newest project changed Peter’s who day and future..and possible to future of all New York. Grady has made a door in time, the door to tomorrow, literally. What was simply the door to their break room now takes them to the break room of tomorrow. The door takes you 24 hours into the future. Grady comes out with the paper from tomorrow. This kind of thing would change the world. However, when Peter crosses that doorway, things get very bad. When he crosses across that doorway, he walks into a New York that is no longer there, there is just what used to be New York city. Now Grady explains what had to have happened. The door doesn’t simply take you to the future, but leaps you 24 hours ahead, so that future is the future where you were missing for 24 hours. So while Grady is just Grady and sits at home and eats pizza, watches Doctor Who, and plays Uncharted 3(Sounds like most of Tumblr) nothing changed. However when Peter walked through he went to a future where not only was he missing for 24 hours, but so was Spider-Man. It is now up to Grady and Peter, I mean Spider-Man, to go through the paper and go through the motions, trying to make the door show “good Tuesday” instead of “bad Tuesday”.

Just as Peter changed and tries finding out his own plan of action and who to contact. He meets Julia Carpenter, the current Madame Web. She tells Peter the bad news he doesn’t want to hear. That he has to do this alone. The future changed when he wasn’t there. Something worse might happen should he start messing with what other people did. Spider-Man now has millions of lives in his hands and only a handful of hours to make sure everything is ok and New York doesn’t blow up. Now we see Julia Carpenter back home with her sick daughter. Her daughter has the flu and she promises that she will remain with her for the rest of the day. The way she talks to her daughter makes me worried. She has faith in Peter, but it seems she knows that he could just easily fail and this could be her last day with her daughter. Man I never want to see the future…

Now Peter and Grady spend the rest of the day teaming up and running all over New York stopping ever crime Spider-Man is credited for in the paper. But things aren’t adding up, no matter what they do, the door still shows “bad Tuesday” and time is running out. Peter is running out of time and ends up at the Symkarian Pride Parade, which might be the last thing he ever does. It does not seem Peter is alone though. We are shown shadowy figures in a back ally that talk about Ultimatum doing away with all nations. Flag-Smasher and his boys have a bomb and looks like they are going to make their own boom during the parade. We are left will all kinds of cliffhangers, does this bomb blow up all of New York? Will Spider-Man stop them? Is that really what takes out New York or is something else looming on the horizon! I almost can’t take the suspense!

Seems to me that Spider-Man is going to be come a regular part of my life. Funny since I stole Peter Parker’s girlfriend, but that is a whole other story that has little to do with comics. Regardless I am really enjoying Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man in generally. I am starting to get why hardcore Spider-Man fans didn’t care for the movies. Hoping the new one is good! I love Emma Stone.


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