My love for spider books grows: A review of Avenging Spider-Man #3

Starting to feel Spider-Man may be the Batman of Marvel. Meaning this; if you look at the New 52 you will see that a crazy number of titles are in Gotham or include members of the Bat-family. This is now my second week reading Marvel and a lot of books I have been picking up are Spider-Man related. Not saying it is a problem, just pointing out the facts.

Post may contain spoilers

Now this time I actually did my homework and looked into the background of this comic, because like I said, there seems to be a lot of Spider-Man books. Avenging Spider-Man takes a look at Spider-Man being a member of the Avengers instead of simply swinging around New York like he does in Amazing Spider-Man. The comic is still on its first story arc where Spider-Man teams up with Red Hulk to rescue J. Jonah Jameson from the Moloids. Who in turn kidnapped him to be their champion against an invasion of their own. One problem, Red Hulk is dead…Spider-Man has to figure out how to get back to his partner, save Jameson, and stop this invasion.

Our journey starts in Subterranea with Spider-Man and Jameson on the run. However, it won’t be that easy to get away..Spider-Man first needs to get Jameson out of there and figure out his plan of action. He refuses going to the rest of the Avengers for help since he won’t leave Red Hulk behind. The Mighty Ra’Ktar has claimed victory over Red Hulk and now plans to kill the rest of the Moloids. This does not sit right with Spider-Man and even though Mole Man and his minions have been the enemy in the past, he won’t leave them to die.

Spider-Man bravely or foolishly, depending on who you ask, agrees to fight Ra’Ktar. Now some people I know give Spider-Man crap. But each time I read a Spider-Man comic, my respect for Peter Parker grows. He gets his ass beat just to save the Moloids and even is given a second chance to walk away with his life. However, he won’t back down and is ready to turn the tides. In proper Spider-Man fashion, he cuts Ra’ktar’s belt and makes his pants fall down. Little does he know, but that just bought him a win. According to Molan law, he has been shamed in battle which means Spider-Man has bested him in battle. The Molan’s then take matters into their own hands and take Ra’Ktar back home. Spider-Man just gets done working out a treaty with them when he is taken by surprise. Red Hulk is alive and kicking…and pissed.

So with Jameson safe, Red Hulk alive, and the Moloids safe from a slaughter Spider-Man and Red Hulk get to say the mission is done. Spider-Man can get back to being a joker and Red Hulk can go hunt Venom. Now you don’t need to read Marvel comics to know that Jameson and Spider-Man don’t really see eye to eye. Jameson is not happy that Spider-Man let Mole Man and the Moloids walk away free. But Spider-Man is a kind guy, he figures each time that Mole Man shows his face, they just beat the crap out of him and save the day, sometimes a little kindness can go a long way. However…not everyone is like Spider-Man. We see Mole Man furious that his kingdom was saved by outsiders. At first, the smashed model of New York is a symbol of failure, but it quickly turns to a symbol of the future!

I think I am going to like this book. I mean Avengers are pretty cool and so is Spider-Man. Put the two together and it is awesome. Not to mention that most of the time it seems Spider-Man will have a teammate for his missions. Next month him and Hawkeye are going to get into some trouble. I look forward to at least giving Hawkeye a chance. I mean he is no Green Arrow..but I don’t want to completely say no to the guy. If you are a fan of Spider-Man and you haven’t added this book to your reading list, I suggest you do. It was a great and fun read.


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