Well this seems new to me: A review of Venom #12

Not saying its a bad or anything, I am just used to watching cartoons and seeing Eddie Brock being a douchebag.

(Post may contain spoilers)

So like I was saying, this whole concept is new to me, I mean really new. However, that doesn’t make it bad. It actually just made me want to read it more. Eugene “Flash” Thompson, a man who lost his legs in war combat, now works as Venom. Well he volunteered to work with the government which made the suit that contains Venom and gives Flash his powers. The only catch is that Venom still has a mind of his own, and should Flash wear the suit for longer then 48 hours then the suit will be bonded permanently. Move over 24, we now have 48 which is better because it has Venom in it.

So a few issues back, things got bad and the city(I am guessing New York, I mean does the Marvel even leave that place?) was infested, turning humans into spiders. During so Flash’s father died. Now when you are connected to a symbiote of any kind, you don’t want to be on edge. Being so makes in easier for the symbiote to take over. Sadly, Project Rebirth has been shut down by the Avengers, thinking that Venom is way too dangerous to be used like this. However, Flash goes AWOL and is being blackmail by The Crime-Master to go to Vegas and work with his son, Jack O’Lantern to steal something from Crime-Master. This won’t be easy..since Red Hulk isn’t far behind to bring Venom in.

Sadly, it seems that Flash is struggling to keep Venom in check. I can’t say I blame him, he has been played a number of times it seems and now has to work with these creeps to save his family. The rage gets the best of him and Venom comes out to play. He gets the job done and by get the job done I mean the plows through anyone and anything standing between him and his mission. It is pretty badass. Now before he goes full on Venom, Flash gets the feeling that something here is upsetting the symbiote. Turns out the things they need to steal is Toxin, another symbiote, and Venom wants it dead. Jack O’Lantern finds out what is going on and saves Toxin, which really makes Venom happy. Needless to say, the mess up Vegas a bit. However, Jack O’Lantern tries calming down Flash, knowing that if he doesn’t his family will be killed. After time Flash gets things under control, however, Jack gets away with Toxin.

This next part made me sad. Flash calls his girlfriend Betty and breaks things off with her. It comes with the job territory but that doesn’t make it easy. But sometimes it has to be done, I guess it comes down that it is easier to know that they are alive out there somewhere then knowing your work caused them to be killed. We end this month with Flash and a homeless man sharing a handle of Jack. Which is actually a pretty fun scene to me. I can’t say I blame for Flash drinking his sorrows away, because I know what is coming for him. Red Hulk will be in Vegas in no time, and if you thought Venom and Jack O’Lantern caused some damage, I can’t even think about Venom fighting Red Hulk..I feel Flash is in for a world of hurt.

I have to say, I am really enjoying all these Spider-man books. Venom is on the top of my list. I remember looking at him with awe as a kid seeing him in Spider-man cartoons. That was until Spider-man three came out. I still don’t know what to say about that movie..Regardless, when I find time I will likely go back and read #1-11. It seems like a solid story that deserves my time. I do hope that next month I see more of Venom. I mean he was there but he wasn’t there. I want more of him smashing and thrashing. But I am ok if he doesn’t, a man can dream.


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