Children are the future! A review of X-Men Legacy #261

Things are about to get rough at school. The staff will be put to the test and will have to stand up for the hard choices they have made.

Post may contain spoilers

It is a tough time for mutants. The X-men are divided and fractured. It falls to Rouge, Wolverine, and others to try to give the next generation of mutants a life they can enjoy. One where maybe they won’t be hunted or have to fight just to live. A life were they can be happy. This is easier said then done however, each day is a struggle for both the staff and students. Whether it is trying to learn about your abilities or past loves, everyone seems to be suffering just a little bit. While a young girl struggles with her ability to predict the future, the staff falls victim to love triangles and broken hearts. But soon those worries will have to be put on the side, today the school is in danger..

A young girl named Ruth has the powers to see the future, while it seems to have a negative affect on her classmates, it might save the school today. While the children get to safety, the staff heads in locked and loaded to stop whatever wants to try to stop them today. They are shocked to find Exodus, claiming to have come to save all of mutantkind. Clearly, the X-Men see him as the enemy and they are right too. He plans on making the X-men reunite, no matter what he must do. They will go back to Utopia or they will be forced to go.

Exodus seems untouchable. He can fly, teleport, and just about everything it seems. But once Rogue takes his teleportation and grounds him, it looks like they might have a chance. Rogue goes to check on the school while the others continue the fight. This includes Frenzy pounding Exodus into the ground, however, he overpowers her. Just as he is about to take control of her mind, Rogue shows up and saves her. Rogue is able to make him understand why they left by allowing him to read her mind. It is risk, but one she feels is worth taking. After seeing how Cyclops treats the children and Hope, Exodus believes he has attacked the wrong camp. As he leaves, Rogue worries that they may have just sent Cyclops to his death..So they run off to save the day..again…

If X-Men Legacy continues like this, it might as well be called, “Watch Rogue be a badass” because the last two issues have been her doing just that. And there is nothing wrong with that. Rogue actually has one of my favorite super power to pick. See everyone wants to fly or shoot lasers. But in a world full of people with powers, being able to sap others powers is the bomb. I think we will be seeing clash of the X-Men here soon once they track down Exodus back to Utopia and stop him. I feel Cyclops won’t be to happy that he was “blamed”. I will say I am really enjoying all the X-Men books I have been reading.


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