Will Barry ever have a good day? A review of The Flash #5

I mean really, it always seems like Barry is having such a hard time, whether it is pre or post New 52, I feel bad for the guy. But he handles it well, but I think things are going to get harder for him soon.

Post may contain spoilers

The city is still in a complete blackout and his friend is missing. Things are not looking good for the Flash today. The Mob Rule is with Dr. Elias, trying to find the flaw in their DNA before they all drop dead. The problem is, it will take time and that is the one things the Mob does not have. Meanwhile Iris West is still at Iron Heights Prison in the middle of a prison breakout. Not to mention Patty trying to keep the crowds down before they start to riot. Things are looking grim for everyone. However, things are about to take a turn for the better. The Flash has brought the city two 600-ton barges full of supplies for the people from Wayne Enterprises( So maybe he knows Batman by this point?) Flash also informs them that the bridge is safe and that they can start moving people back into the city. Barry even finds time to save Iris, who warns him about Captain Cold. Barry can now turn his attention to the Mob Rule, and I am guessing the giant green beam of light coming from the city is a good place to start.

Manuel is ready to give everything he has for the Mob Rule, he wants to stop running, get this over with, and move on. It might not be that easy though. However, if things work, the Mob Rule and Manny will be able to walk away from this. Flash shows up, but he learns that this isn’t something he needs to stop. But just as it seems like it will be the perfect day, something goes wrong. The generator isn’t hold the electromagnetic charge anymore and its about to blow. Dr. Elias tells Flash he has to contain the blast. So Flash does what he does best and runs. While Flash saved lives, he didn’t save them all..the Mob Rule has died. Manny takes it pretty hard and blames The Flash, he knocks out both the Flash and Dr. Elias before leaving.

Now everyone still thinks Barry is dead. This includes Manny and Patty. Manny leaves before finding out. But as the cops are searching for Barry and start to assume the worst, he shows up good as new. We also see Manny with a small group of cut off fingers, it seems he is planning to remake Mob Rule and find a way to live. I feel like the Flash and him will have a showdown in the future. Now comes the hardest news for Barry. The Flash meets with Dr. Elias and he tells him that this is all their faults. The blast the Flash contained is the same E.M.P. that hit the city three days ago. Dr. Elias shows him a number of out-of-place objects that are in the wrong time. It seems each time the Flash gets close to the speed of light, he is ripping time and pulls something in and spits it back out. Dr. Elias can only think of one option…destroy the Speed Force..

Well Mob Rule has come and gone, but things aren’t going to get any better any time soon. Next few issues we are going to see Captain Cold and possible some other of the Rogues. Not to mention you still have Isis breathing down both of Barry’s and the Flash’s necks, Manny remaking the Mob Rule and Dr. Elias wanting to destroy the Speed Force. However, I have faith in Barry. I have seen him save the world time and time again. I feel like he will rise to the challenge..I hope..I am also wondering who Barry knows at this point. He doesn’t meet Batman until Justice League #2 I think, but he brings help from Wayne Enterprises in this issue. Makes me wonder if this takes place after Justice League’s flashback. And I have to say again, I really enjoy the style of art work in these flash comics. Good job, Francis Manapul along with colors by Brian Buccellato! Props to both of them.


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