Can’t we all just get along? A review of Justce League Dark #5

What is better of a team of magic characters that are at each others throats? I am sure they will all work well together!

Post may contain spoilers

So June is under attack by Enchantress and most of the team has come together. But things aren’t going to just end nicely, they never do for people in this field of work. Our heroes aren’t the only ones feeling the magic of Enchantress. Resurrection Man is almost buried alive by a tsunami of computers with ghost-faces on them. Frankenstein and the agents of S.H.A.D.E deal with a riot of fans of reality tv and serious fiction. In Egypt the Sphinx attacks tourists and Animal Man can’t do much to stop it. Things are at an all time bad and it is up to a team of people who hate each other to save the day. John Constantine has some question for June Moone..

Zatanna, Shade, and Madame Xanadu finally meet up with Deadman, but he isn’t to pleased to see them. Deadman had promised to protect June but the door Shade made for him left June behind. Xanadu pleads with Deadman to stay with them and fight, but he isn’t what you would call a team player plus he is furious about leaving June. He flies off and leaves the other three to consider their next move. They need to go where Enchantress is and attack the source. Zatanna is the only one who has been to Enchantress’s hiding spot so it is up to her to guide Shade there. They make it to the house, but the storm of teeth is still there(The same one that attacked Cyborg, Superman, and Wonder Woman)

While Shade is able to protect them from the storm of teeth, other powers are at work to weaken them from within the storm. Shade is the first to become a victim of his past. He finds his old lover Kathy in the storm and as he runs towards her, the teeth start to break through. Xanadu tries to stop him and Zatanna even tries her spells on him but nothing seems to work. Shade can’t tell what is real or unreal and if they don’t get him under control soon they all might die. It isn’t until Zatanna kisses him that Enchantress’s spell fades. The feeling of the kiss reminds Shade what is real and brings him back(Remind me to lose track of what is real and unreal around Zatanna), Sadly just as Shade breaks free both Zatanna and Xanadu fall victim to Enchantress’s magic. Zatanna is haunted by the past of her father. Xanadu is haunted by the fact that she saw this future and failed to stop it.

We come back to John Constantine questioning June Moone. June tells him about how she was trapped in Enchantress for years but one day she was free and a rhyme was going over and over in her head. Constantine figures this to be the spell that Xanadu used to break her free in the first place and starts to say it correctly in hopes that it will reconnect June and Enchantress. However, it causes June a great deal of pain and she does not want to go back. Constantine however does not care about June or what happens, all he cares about is if Enchantress destroys the world, then he has nowhere to go so he needs to put an end to But have no fear! Deadman is here! He tries to stop Constantine by possessing him, but John ends up being to…dirty.. and he bounces right back out and he finishes the spell. Mindwarp also shows up at the end. Something is making his seizure soul unstable and he thinks the witch is to blame. All the players are now in place.

As Constantine finishes the rhyme and with a bang June goes back to Enchantress and the storm stops..Enchantress has no memory of any of it and has no idea where she is. However, it is all over now..but our heroes have a lot of questions. Back at Xanadu’s place they start talking. Constantine blames Xanadu for the whole thing and Deadman is furious and wants to find June. Xanadu claims that all she did was read the cards and that she had to bring them all together. Constantine calls it all a bunch of bull and doesn’t want to play nice with the other kids and leaves, the others soon follow despite Xanadu’s warnings. She sits there, only talking about how she has failed and that the cards call at her to look and see the future..but from the look on her doesn’t look like it will be a good one…

Well personally, I can not wait until this team actually starts working together. Its like one big dysfunctional magical family. I also might have a crush on Zatanna..but regardless it’s another great read and title from DC. With its first arc done I wonder where it will go from here. Like I said by the look on Xanadu’s face it doesn’t seem like it will be a pretty future filled with rainbows. Plus it says “Next: The Road to Hell” That is never a good thing…but it does make a good read I can tell you that much. If you haven’t yet give this title a chance, it is something different and by different I mean awesome.


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