Green Arrow is a home-wrecker! A review of Green Arrow #6

Home-wrecker is one word for it…but we will get to that later. Sit back, relax, and watch Green Arrow kick some major ass this week.

Post mat contain spoilers

So Green Arrow has been fighting Blood Rose and Midas for the past few weeks and both times has just nearly made it out alive. Now he has to fight both of them at once! I mean Green Arrow proved he can take out multiple people out at once, but this isn’t Rush and his gang of C-list villains. Blood Rose and Midas are the real deal and Ollie is in for a world of hurt. Well that would be the case if there was even a fight. Last issue ended with Green Arrow having a gun pointed at his end..Not always a good closing line. Of course Green Arrow continues to talk the big game even with a gun to his head and gets shot. Luck for him, Blood Rose was not shooting to kill since they did not want to draw the attention of the superhero community. Green Arrow may have escaped with his life, but Blood Rose and Midas are still aiming to take Oliver Queen down. This is why we don’t go public with out identities.

So Green Arrow makes it out alive but he isn’t out of the woods yet. He needs to take out Blood Rose and Midas before they take out Oliver Queen. Now They were worried about drawing attention from the super-human community, but Ollie didn’t even know there was one. He does hint at meeting a mer-man in J.L. #8 which gives us a bit more on the whole timeline thing. Regardless Ollie now has to find Blood Rose and Midas, luckily Jax has put sensors in his Green Arrow gear and it took scans of both Blood Rose and Midas. Turns out Midas is not the only one who is more than human. Turns out Blood Rose is a robot of sorts. Which means she gives off her own energy single which they can easily track. Things just took a turn of the better!

Now that he knows something about both Blood Rose and Midas, a direct fight might be a bit easier, but only a bit. Midas can melt the flesh right off Green Arrow and how do you kill something that is made of toxic waste? Blood Rose may be a robot that could be shut down, but her speed and strength aren’t going to make that easy. But knowing Ollie I am sure he has some new arrows that will even the odds. Now Green Arrow isn’t stupid. He goes for the divide and conquer. Snaring Midas and drawing Blood Rose out into the open which makes her an easier shot. It also helps that they are lovers. No matter who you are fighting with a loved one is a huge disadvantage that will be used against you. You have been warned.

Blood Rose might have been zapped by one of Green Arrows shots, but she won’t be down for long. Midas joins the fight again and grabs Green Arrow. Now a lot of people might think that closing the range on Green Arrow of taking his bow away makes me useless. But being stabbed with an arrow still hurts. Midas now knows all about that. Green Arrow came equipped this time, using arrows that have chemicals designed for cleaning up toxic waste, which work wonders when fighting a man made out of toxic waste. Green Arrow shoots another arrow but Blood Rose jumps and eats the blast saving Midas, but he isn’t out of tricks yet. Blood Rose corners Green Arrow but misses the explosive arrowhead behind her.

With Blood Rose destroyed, Green Arrow turns back to Midas, who seems to have given up. Of course Green Arrow can’t just let him walk away, but is given little choice when Blood Rose’s head goes into self-destruct. Midas is nowhere to be found and the threat seems to be over. It still leaves the question, why did Blood Rose and Midas want Oliver Queen dead? Ollie doesn’t really care why and wants to just take the win. He does just that by cutting off his com and enjoying a beer on a rooftop. However, he is not completely alone, someone or something is watching. Seeing him as absolutely perfect. Which I am sure Ollie would not disagree with, but I don’t think they are some ladies watching from a distance, it seems that a hero’s job is never over.

There is a tiny epilogue at the end which shows us the sad truth. Midas lives on and he is not alone. They might have been set back years but they are not going to let Oliver Queen walk away with his life and I am sure now they want the same for Green Arrow. With Blood Rose on the mend, I am sure it will be awhile before we see Midas or her again. But they are out there and I am sure we will see them again down the road. Next month the new team of Ann Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao take over Green Arrow. I just hope they continue the great work that Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens have done.

Now I have made it no secret that I love Green Arrow and I have to say that this is another fantastic issue! However, DC has a thing with head shots. I mean in Flash #4 Barry gets shot in the head and in this issue Ollie gets shot. Just something I found funny. Back to the timeline, Ollie takes about meeting Aquaman. However, Justice League #8 hasn’t come out so we don’t know the context. Are we going to see a number of backup J.L.A. member in #8? I know DC had put a picture out before the new 52 with the new lineup along with a number of hero’s faces on the side, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Deadman to name a few. You would think with Darkseid attacking the world that more heroes would show up. Sadly we have to wait until April to find out the details, but is something people should be looking out for. This also means that Green Arrow has been fighting crime for at least five years. Since right now the events of J.L.A. take place five years in the past and Green Arrow is taking place afterwards. Just something to consider if you are like Drew and I and spend a whole lot of time trying to make the New 52 timeline work.


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