Trouble in the ranks: A review of Red Lanterns #6

Krona is missing, a new Red Lantern is chosen on Earth, and Atrocitus’ new intelligent lanterns are starting to be more trouble then there worth.

Post may contain spoilers

On Earth Jack Moore has just been chosen to join the Red Lantern Corps. However, he has no idea what has happened or why it is happening. To make matters worse he is slowly losing himself in his rage. He just watched cops beat his brother to death and the pent-up rage he has been hiding since he was a child is ready to be realised. While he still has his mind, he is unable to warn to cops to run, killing one as he opens his mouth to talk. As he sees the body of his dead brother the odd words start to fill his head. Little does he know, it is the Oath of the Red Lanterns. He is trying to wrap his head around what he has become but comes under fire by the cops and has no choice but to fly off.

Back on Ysmault, Atrocitus blames his second in command Bleez for Krona escape. Has the two fight the other Red Lanterns can only look and wonder what has become of their leader. Is Atrocitus really losing his edge? Bleez starts to talk about taking the lead, for if Atrocitus is truly growing weak then the Red Lanterns will need a new leader to carry on their mission. It isn’t until some of the other lanterns start to speak up asking him to let Bleez go that Atrocitus starts to see that something has changed. He now has to explain himself to his own corps. The fact that he was Atrocitus used to be enough for them but whether is it Bleez or another force, something has indeed changed. The only question is what?

Back on Earth Jack Moore continues to try to hold on to his humanity. He goes to find the grave of his grandfather, one of the few people who truly loved him after his mother died. Jack mourns the loss of his grandfather thinking back to some of his brothers finally words to him. A man named Baxter was the one who killed him and Jack’s brother wouldn’t have been killed if it wasn’t for Baxter. It all becomes clear, it all comes back to Baxter, if it wasn’t for him Jack would still have a grandfather and brother. He rips his grandfather’s tombstone from the ground and goes after Baxter. He finally starts to make sense of his rage and just as he is about to kill Baxter someone else shows up. Guy Gardner stops Jack and tells him that they need to talk. It seems we are going to have a lantern fight next issue. Makes sense since Guy has had a few experiences with a red ring. It should be awesome.

I am liking how things are going with Red Lanterns. I think I have talked about how much I have looked forward to this comic coming out. I just love how we now have other intelligent red lanterns and now we are going to have someone repping Earth in the corps. If Atrocitus gets Jack up to Ysmault and gets Bleez and the others under control that is going to be one heck of a fighting force. There is a lot of rage out there, and the Red Lanterns are going to make sure it gets used.

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