Is that Batman? A review of Hawk and Dove #6

I planned on writing this review sooner but as I finished reading it I remember that it only have two issues left until DC cans it and it made me really sad. However, I must show my love for Hawk and Dove while they are still running.

Post may contain spoilers(And my tears)

So Hawk and Dove have put the whole Circle of War thing behind them and now get back to being normal college aged super heroes in D.C. This is until they have to chase down a baddy to Gotham. The comic opens with Hawk already on the run. which is something you won’t see often. Hawk is being chased down by the very guy they went after, Blockbuster. Now Blockbuster doesn’t have that great of a brain but he packs a punch, enough to go toe to toe with Hawk. Things start to look pretty grim until Dove finally shows up and starts to even the odds. Blockbuster manages to knock them both back and grab an amulet from Hawk. As Hawk gets up to stop him, he finds himself stopped in his tracks..

When he looks up he sees the worlds more famous sidekick..Robin. Robin didn’t know Hawk or Dove and attacked them on mistake. Dove explains that Blockbuster took the Amulet of Ra and they have been chasing him since then. Turns out that Robin is working the same case and the amulet is only a one of many magical objects to be stolen, Blockbuster is just a pawn working for someone a lot stronger. Batman finally shows up and explains that a woman calling herself Necromancer is behind all this and that they let Blockbuster go to find her. After Batman sets some ground rules for the two, all four of they head off to stop Necromancer before she can create a vortex of magic.

Finally we see Necromancer, in what looks like an odd warehouse with Blockbuster getting ready to open the gate. She has Blockbuster under her control which would explain why someone like him is running around gathering magical objects. Now here is something interesting. See talks about how she will control access to all celestial dimensions. Now guess what two make the list? The Red and The Green. DC keeps having both those powers come up in a number of titles, I wonder where it will all lead. Her gloating is cut short when Batman jumps her from above and the others enter right after him.

Robin and Dove head for Necromancer and work on taking her down and breaking her circle. It doesn’t take long for Robin to take her to the ground and as soon as Dove grabs the amulet the whole things powers down. With her out of the picture, Blockbuster wakes up from his mind control but now have no idea where he is and is lashing out in rage. Quickly Batman and Hawk put him down. However Necromancer is not out of tricks and does escape but without the amulet or the other objects she doesn’t seem to be a threat for now. Now that the day is saved Hawk and Dove can head back home and rest before duty calls again. However, they don’t leave before getting another speech from Batman about working as a team. Dove thanks them for the help and both duos head back home.

Its issue like this that make me sad that Hawk and Dove will be ending soon. As young heroes that are not part of the Titans its cool to see them meeting other heroes. Not to mention the inner monologue we had from Hawk this whole issue that was great, not to mention the number of bird jokes. All in all this is still a fantastic comic in my eyes.

Now at first I thought Robin was Tim by the way he is drawn but after hearing him talk about the league of shadows it is clearly Damian. Which doesn’t actually do much for the timeline other than put Hawk and Dove happening in present time. Back to something much more interesting to me, The Red and The Green. Now The Red comes mostly from Animal Man as far as I know but it talked about a little bit in Swamp Thing. I believe it is the flesh? I may be mistaken but it seems odd that it keeps coming up. More interesting is The Green. I mean we had Brightest Bay which was pretty much a big event to bring back Swamp Thing. The mentions of the Red and Green are something to look our for in all the titles. I feel like we will be hearing more about them..


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  1. I only read the fist couple issues of Animal Man(it’s a pretty good book). I want to catch up on it when I get back. The Red(as far as they talked about it in AM is where he draws his powers(the abilities of animals).

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