I can not believe this is happening! A review of Venom #13

Holy crap guys! This issue along with the ones following are going to be flipping amazing! It has been said time and time again how much I love when multiple characters come together and my oh my has Marvel done it this time.

(Post contains spoilers and explosions!)

We last left Flash in Las Vegas on the run with the Venom suit and Red Hulk is right on his tail to bring him back in. However, those are not the only two that are heading towards Vegas. X-23 is also in Vegas. Someone has stolen a sample of her blood and she doesn’t like that too much. Meanwhile just outside Vegas, Alejandra the current Ghost Rider is with Johnny Blaze, the previous Ghost Rider trying to teach her a thing or two.  However, these four heroes? Anti-heroes? Lets just call them badasses. These four Badasses are about to come together in a big way and have to stop something that would normally be way out of their leagues.

Flash is still in Vegas on the run from his last misadventure and struggles putting his old life behind him and move on while fighting a drinking problem. He broke things off with his girlfriend Betty but she is having a hard time wrapping her head around it. That just adds to his drinking however.

Meanwhile at the Devil’s Den casino something real shady is going down. Now Las Vegas isn’t known for its good deeds, but this is some dark stuff. We meet Mr. Degli who looks a bit like Gary Oldman character from the Fifth Element is having someone sell their soul over to him. Now thanks to Supernatural I know that selling your soul is never a good or smart thing to do. But this guy doesn’t have much choice. Mr. Degli seems to be in a rush, collecting his prize right after the deal is signed.

Somewhere outside Vegas Johnny Blaze and Alejandra are butting heads on who is in charge. Alejandra has skill but is still new to the gig and Johnny fears that if he doesn’t help guide her she might become a danger to herself..or worse. While those two fight, Red Hulk leaps around the desert on his way to Vegas to bring Flash back in. He rather do it without fighting but as a hulk, he won’t mind it if he has to throw some punches.

Back in Devil’s Den, X-23 goes undercover to trying and learn more about who has her blood. Now I don’t know much about the character but knowing she is a clone of Wolverine is enough to know that she is going to have a temper and trying to take someone’s soul usually will piss them off. Elsewhere Mr. Degli’s plans are about to play out in his favor. What looks like a construction site for Chauncey’s Magic Castle is actually about to be the place of dark stuff. 100 human souls, the Toxin symbiote and x-23’s blood are about to make one hell of a doorway to well…hell. They are still missing one thing, they are waiting for someone to show and from what we saw of her before, I think she will take the bait.

Johnny and Alejandra are in a little diner still fighting about who knows more than the other. Well actually its more of Johnny trying to help in his old age and Alejandra thinking she has nothing to learn. This seem normal until Alejandra gets some disturbing news. She hears the 100 souls crying out and heads off to find them. Johnny is worried and a little taken back and the number of souls at work here. As she runs off he tries to get ahold of a friend that might no more but has no luck which has Johnny all kinds of worried.

Back in his hotel Flash continues to struggle with his past and his drinking. It would be a normally day..until Red Hulk smashes through the wall. Flash is completely caught off guard and pretty drunk. However, Venom jumps in and tries to bond with Red Hulk but he manages to shake free. However, he does end up running into a gas station. Now that Flash has the suit on, he tries to make his escape. This would be fine if he was not drunk, he could give control over to Venom and sober up that way but finds it not worth the risk.

While most of our badasses struggle with their missions, X-23 is right on the spot. Now she knows who took her blood, but doesn’t know why and fears the worst. Sadly, her fears are spot on. She finds a room with a number of clones of herself. As she gets ready to blow them to bits, she hesitates. She thinks about how they have just as much right to live as she does. This was her thought until they busted out and bonded with symbiotes. She has no choice but to fight and she plans on living.

Degil’s plan is about to become active. Ghost Rider shows up and plans to put a stop to his plan. However, she finds out too late that she is the final piece of the puzzle. As she spins around the gate, she activates it and brings Hell to Earth. Simple stopping would break the gate but it would also cause the gate to pull Earth in. She has no choice but to keep going and hope that someone else can save the day..Someone better act, and fast.

Elsewhere the others start to see Hell come to Earth. Red Hulk and Venom have to halt their fight to help people escape demons. Johnny Blazes shows up to late and realizes that the only way this might end is closing the gate from the other side. He might have to take a trip down to the pit. He does however stop the spread of the hellfire with a relic he had with him. We also get to see Degil and his lovers true forms with look pretty cool if you ask me. Degil was cast out of Hell by his father and this is his way of saying, “In your face”. Johnny finally finds Ghost Rider and tells her to clean up this mess while he holds to gate open.

While Degil doesn’t seem to have any fear of failing, he does prepare for the worst, just in time too. Red Hulk, Venom, X-23, and Ghost Rider all crash the party at the same time. However, when Red Hulk says he knows these two from their Avengers file, he seems a little worried, a rare thing for him. Yet, the four of them get ready to fight together and put an end to thing. Using H’elian’s Mirror Cauldron he looks at their souls and twists it. Now fighting your double or inner self or whatever it is classified under is always a good story. Ichor, X-666, The Evangelist and Encephalon all come out and get ready to fight.

Now this is the most excited I have been for anything Marvel. Which isn’t saying a lot because it has only been about a month since I started following them. But this event continues all this month and I am looking forward to reading and review it all. Like I said I love when badasses come together under one title and this is on hell of a team. Get ready boys and girls, this is going to be one crazy ride!

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