Never going to Otherworld..Ever! A review of Uncanny X-force #21

Fantomex is about to be erased from reality, Psylocke has to pick between her family or her team and Wolverine, Deadpool, and Nightcrawler are under attack! Just another day for the X-Force though.

(Post contains spoilers)

Now things are looking pretty grim. None of the team is having that good of a day and Deadpool has already lost his head. Fantomex is about to erased by the Captain Britain Corps and it looks like the others will be too late to save him..This is until Psylocke shows up in her Lady Britain get up and breaks Fantomex out. However she does not get far before she is cut off by her brother and others. She makes quick work of them and rushes to get Fantomex help before his memories are erased. With Fantomex down for the count it is up to Psylocke to get him out of there and find a way to save his mind.

Elsewhere Wolverine and Nightcrawler continue to fight their way into Otherworld. They aren’t having an easy time since they walked into the middle of a battle. Wolverine is quickly taken out by the Orb of Metallum. Now a lot of stuff doesn’t stop Wolverine in his tracks but this orb is twisting and turning all parts of his body and it looks incredibly painful. But he is not alone in his fight. With some quick thinking Nightcrawler is able to get the orb off of Wolverine and place it under a giants hammer, destroying it. While the goatman? The mage with the goat head? Goathead is in rage and shock that the orb was destroyed. This buys Nightcrawler time to grab Wolverine and Deadpool and make a run for it.

Psylocke’s plan fails when she is cut off by one of her brothers and has to look elsewhere to save Fantomex. The Corps attention is drawn elsewhere when they learn the Goat(I knew he had an actually name!) army is on the move. Captain Britain wants to go out and stop him but is shot down and is told that the Goat will come to them in time and they need to defend here. They also get word of the weapons the Goat was using, the Orbs of Necromon..Elsewhere Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Deadpool run into some locals who think they are there to help. Wolverine breaks the news that they are here to save someone but not them..

Psylocke still struggles to find a way to Fantomex and heads to the Forest of Sorrows, a place that has seemed to be forgotten about by the rest of Otherworld. She begs that the mast of the woods, Krokwel to help Fantomex. However, Krokwel only find her offer funny, since the same magic that would save her friend is the same magic that Psylocke’s father banished Krokwel for. As Krokwel is about to use her sorrows to feed the woods, she says she will pay any price for him to save Fantomex. He agrees but we are still unsure on what the price is. Back in Merlyn’s chamber. Captain Britain is faced with an impossible problem. He is looking right at the orbs that the Goat is said to be using. While the orbs don’t have any kind of counterpart it seems impossible that the Goat could be using them. There confusion is interrupted by an attack. There fallen brothers have been risen by the Goat and now attack them.

Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Deadpool travel to Davis Creek and try to figure out there next move. Davis Creek turns out to be a pretty grim place and is right next to the Goat’s Dragon Monolith that I believe is his base of operations. It seems like they might have to fight the Goat again soon. There is no where else to run. Up above the Goat plots away. He fears that Psylocke and Fantomex could stand in his way. However, he is not alone…someone who has suffered at both the hands of Psylocke and Fantomex is there to play and make sure the Goat does not fail in his work. It looks like the X-Force has a pretty grim future ahead of them, but that’s just another day at the office for them.

All in all it’s another fantastic(yet confusing at times) read. I really need to go read the past 19 issues, whenever I find the time to that is. For someone with no job I seem to have a lot to do. I also have to say that I really dig that art work of Greg Tocchini, it’s some really great stuff. Gives the comic a really unique feel.


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