But they work so well together! A review of Avenging Spider-Man #4

So while Red Hulk has come and gone, Spider-Man now has another Avenger to play with, Hawkeye.

Post contains spoilers

So it is just another day in New York City. Well just another day if you are Spider-Man, only one new thing..Hawkeye is coming on patrol today. Now from the start Spider-Man and Hawkeye have different ideas on how things work. Like Hawkeye has never really been on patrol, he doesn’t get the point of going to look for trouble when the Avengers seems to always have enough to deal with. Regardless, Captain America wants them to do it and that is good enough for the both of them. Things are rough, but things are always darkest before the dawn right?

Finally they have a break and find some goons at Landers Chemical Supply. While Spider-Man does his thing and sets up his punchline, Hawkeye starts to fire away. While Hawkeye does have a great shot, he knocked out all of their leads. He is used to going for bigger targets and not doing the daily work it seems. Luck for them one of them wakes up and they can question him and where to hit next.

This leads them to a van that should be filled with all kinds of hazardous materials. Now while Spider-Man sets up a web and waits for the van, Hawkeye goes right for in. Since the van crashes, they have to wait again for the thug to go to for them to question them. While Hawkeye and Spider-Man are both skilled at what they do, they seem to work very differently.

Later they find themselves at Grand Central waiting for the Serpent Society to attack Grand Central. While Spider-Man keeps watch, Hawkeye continues to train while they wait. This leads to him and Spider-Man fighting. Hawkeye explains that he is always training because he can not miss. With working with all these people with super powers, if he misses he is nothing special. Now this is something I can respect since I find myself defending heroes that don’t have a meta power or anything. Just because they can’t fly or shot lasers doesn’t mean they aren’t super heroes.

Their talk is cut short when Spider-Man sees Side-Winder with some sort of grenade launcher. They need to take him out fast, however they are also under attack. Hawkeye claims he can take the shot even though it is 700 yards away. Spider-Man wants to trust him but can’t risk it and also goes after Side-Winder. Sadly Hawkeye’s arrow just falls short falling at Side-Winder’s feet. However, this leaves Spider-Man open for an attack and takes him out. Being the great person Spider-Man is, he places the arrow in Side-Winder so Hawkeye thinks he hit him. With New York safe for another night. Hawkeye and Spider-Man part ways.

Now I like this book, I love Spider-Man, but I can’t say I am a huge fan of Hawkeye. It is not secret that I am a fanboy of Green Arrow. But I do my best to put that aside when I read anything with Hawkeye in it. And I did when I read this, but he comes off as to much of  a cocky asshole to me. Now that might just be the character. But I can’t say that I am a fan of it. Regardless this was another fantastic Spider-Man book and I can’t wait until next week when Captain America joins Spider-Man!


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