Zombies in New York! A review of The Savage Hawkman #6

That’s right boys and girls, I started reading Savage Hawkman last week and picked up #6 this week. I think it is fantastic so far and I love the redesign of Hawkman’s armor.

Post contains spoilers

So here we have Carter Hall, just a simple guy, living his life. Apart from the whole having his body infused with nth metal and being Hawkman on the side. Now Carter is trying to live both lives but sometimes both his jobs overlap. Now he was asked to help translate a book and soon after he started seeing people as zombies. Now what started as visions is quickly becoming very real. Carter tracked the book back to a shop in Greenwich Village and ended up finding more than he thought. He now finds himself face to face with “Gentleman” Jim Craddock, or the Gentleman Ghost.

Craddock is after The Mortis Orb, an artifact that is said can bring Hell on Earth and allow someone to live forever. Craddock believes Hawkman’s nth is the secret to the Orb and that Hawkman must find the Orb for him or he will die. Now that kind of deal never works on heroes. However, Hawkman has to rethink his plan when he finds himself attack by ghosts. Now nth metal can do a lot and is very powerful, but it seems that it can not attack a ghost. Carter grabs Mr. Digby, the shops owner and flies out of there. Once they are safe Hawkman starts asking Digby anything and everything he knows about the book. It belonged to a man named Julius Gates who died and who was allegedly a warlock. Luck for them, Gates lived out on Long Island and left a widow behind. So Hawkman and Digby go visit the widow.

When they arrive the house looks run down and empty. However, Julius’ wife Abigail comes out and meets them. After talking to her, Hawkman finds out that Julius did find the Orb and had planned to use it to return to his wife but never did. He was buried with the orb and after Hawkman and Digby head to the grave. Now the Orb is said to be able to defeat death, so Hawkman plans on using the Orb on Craddock and his ghosts. As Hawkman starts to dig, he can hear the visions screaming out for him to stop..but he can not. He finally uncovers Julius and the Mortis Orb. Little does Hawkman know that he has played right into Craddock’s hands.

As he picks up the orb he can feel it interact with the nth metal. The dead start rising around him. Know Hawkman is armed so hacking through some zombies shouldn’t be to bad, however they are coming faster than he can cut and quickly finds himself overrun. Craddock shows up and takes the orb right out of Hawkman’s hands. Turns out that a warlock had put a spell on the orb that drained and locked its powers away. However, when it interacted with the nth metal the spell was broken. Which means Craddock can now use it to return to life and become immortal. Oh and he might have forgotten to mention before that when he uses the orb every man, woman, and child will die.

So the dead have risen and are being drawn to the orb. Which means zombies are now marching into New York City. Oh and Craddock is going to use the orb in the city and kill hundreds of thousands people.

Now everyone loves zombies. The only way this could be better if they were Nazi zombies. But Hawkman is still going to have his handfuls. However, it will be epic! Because like I said everyone loves someone fighting zombies.


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