I have made a huge mistake: A review of X-Men Legacy #262

Or at least that is what Rogue and the others thought when they accidentally sent Exodus to kill Cyclops.

Post contains spoilers

So last issue Exodus shows up at the school and has come to reunite mutant kind. Well given how things are between the two camps, that is easier said then done. However, Exodus doesn’t see this as a debate, it is happening whether they want to or not. That is until Rogue and the others sort of point the blame at Cyclops. So what does Exodus do? Flies off to kill Cyclops. Now they might not agree on the future of mutants, but they don’t want to kill the guy..

So Exodus is on his way to Utopia to kill Cyclops. Now as Rogue and the others start to make their way to stop Exodus, a fight between them breaks out over whether they should call Utopia or not. Now Rogue thinks they should call them and warn them, mostly worried about the kids on the Utopia who might get hurt or killed. While Exodus might be going there for Cyclops, there could still be collateral damage, he only wants Cyclops but will fight anyone who stands in his way. Now if they can stop Exodus before he can get to Utopia, then there is no reason to even tell the other camp what has happened. Luckily for them, Rogue took Exodus’ teleportation power, so they still have a chance of catching up and knocking him out of the sky.

Rogue seems to be alone in this fight, most of the others agree, they made this mess and now it falls to them to clean it up. Rogue at first is seen not getting on the jet, however right after takeoff teleports aboard. In better days they might have crashed the jet into him, but money is tight so it is up to the team to knock him down. Rogue, Wolverine and Cannonball manage to knock him out of the sky once they catch him, but that is only have the fight. Exodus is no push over and even with the power they are packing, it is going to be one hell of a fight.

Once on the ground, things start to get rough, they keep pounding Exodus but he is resilient. Rachel even fights him in a psychic battle but while it takes all of her energy, you can’t even notice it on Exodus. Things get really bad when he blasts Wolverine almost done to the bone. It is here that we find out the Rogue sent a delayed message to Utopia so that if in time they could not stop Exodus, the Utopia team could come help. This leads to Rogue and Wolverine fighting again. Wolverine says he just can’t trust Rogue anymore..Knowing that the Utopia crew could show up any minute, they work even harder to put Exodus down. Sadly, just as they seemed to get the upper hand, Rogue and Wolverine are knocked into Rachel. This leads to Exodus taking control of their minds and bodies and says that he will use them to fight the other mutants while he goes after Cyclops.

However, it seems the Utopia camp has arrived to the battle. But it is not the mutants they thought they would be seeing. Now I have not been reading the comics from the Utopia camp, I just haven’t found the time to get into them. But from what I know and the faces of Rogue and the others, it seems the younger generation of mutants were sent to help Rogue and the others. Whether Cyclops sent them for battle experience or they came on their own is unclear for now. But Should any of the Utopia kids get hurt or worst, killed, in this fight it will split the two camps even more.

Things are not looking good, not that things ever seem to look good for mutants…I just want to point out how B-E-A-U-TIFUL the cover art is to this issue. FANTASTIC work by Mark Brooks. Wolverine gives Rogue a lot of crap for calling Utopia, mostly because of her relationship with Magneto. But Rogue really cares for all of mutant kid and would gladly give her life to any of them if she had to and I feel that this cover shows that in Rogue. X-Men Legacy has been awesome so far. Go read it..NOW.


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