People, I give you, Swamp Jesus! A review of Swamp Thing #7

HERE IT IS HERE IT IS HERE IT IS!!!!!!! The moment I have been dreaming of since Alec Holland crawled out of the grave!

Post contains spoilers

So Alec Holland is dying again. And it ends right there.vGood bye. Swamp Thing is done forever.

Just kidding, but really, Alec Holland just took a chainsaw to the back. This is a feeling he knows all to well, for he has died before. But something is different. Last time he died, the pain ended. However, the pain keeps coming, his body keeps screaming for the relief of the Green. Something happens that Alec did not think would happen. The Parliament saved him, just to make him suffer and prolong his pain. He has failed them and he now has to watch them burn and die. He feels their pain as they feel it, he feels his failure. Once they have died, the forces of the Rot will kill him too. Great way to start the day right?

Alec Holland was supposed to be the Swamp Thing of Swamp Things. The savior, their warrior king. He should have become Swamp Jesus! I like that, Swamp Jesus…Alec Holland needs a huge beard. The Parliament believed in Alec so much that they broke every rule they had to try to get him to become the protector he was born to be. They even brought him back from the dead! He was to defeat the Rot and perhaps even the Red. But since he went with Abby and not them he has failed.

Even with all that has happened and all that is happening, along with all the warnings, Alec still believes that Abby will not turn and serve the Rot. However, the Parliament does not see it this way, it is her destiny whether she likes it or not. Despite what Alec thinks or wants to believe, when Abby gets out of the cocoon, the girl who knew will be long gone. However, we see her whisper “Alec” while still inside. It leaves us with some hope. The Parliament believes it is impossible the refuse the call of the Rot or the Green..however, Alec did.They think it is because he is frightened. This is Alec’s breaking point.

Alec Holland wanted to help the world, and he died for that the first time around. Then he ‘became’ Swamp Thing, but it was not truly him. Then he is brought back to life after all those years and told that he has to become Swamp Thing again to save the world from an unstoppable evil. Oh and then one of the few people he sort of remembers shows up and threaten to kill him. OH and then she becomes evil and now he is going to die again. Forgive him if he is a little pissed. Alec is fed up with the Parliament and calls them out. He used to see the Green and Plant life as peaceful and gentle but he sees it for what it is. It is just as greedy as the Red and Rot. The Parliament starts to see his point, but it is too late, soon both Alec and the Parliament will be dead..

There still might be one hope, the Parliament must change Alec into Swamp Thing. However, they do not have the strength left to do so. But Alec isn’t stupid, right next to him is the last of his bio-restorative formula. If they use that it should give them enough to change Alec. It is a risk, but it is the only shot they have. Should Alec go through with this, there will be no turning back. He understands that, he is not happy about that but Alec Holland is a bamf as will do the job. He does not do this for himself, the Parliament, or even the world. He does this for Abby, he is going to save her.

Before he knows it, it is all happening again, he is dying. He is becoming the monster(His words not mine!) but this time something is different…It was his choice to become this. This time, the Rot wants war…and Alec is going to give it to them…


OH ALEC YOU DID IT. Look the choice part was not the only thing that was different this time…HE HAS FUCKING SWAMP WINGS. Alec Holland is no more, he now has become Swamp Jesus Thing. He has made all my dreams come true. I got chills when I first read this issue last night. CHILLS.

If you haven’t been reading Swamp Thing..start now because Swamp Jesus is in the house and he is here to fuck some people up. Now please join Justice League Dark. If he joined that team I would die.


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